March 1995 Newsletter (5755:6)

Bits from the Branches
May 1, 1995

Cooking Evangelism… In Chicago, Melissa Moskowitz happily reported what she hopes is the first of many witnessing opportunities resulting from her Jews for Jesus Family Cookbook. Melissa’s friend Lillian, a Jewish believer in Yeshua, invited her to make challah (a braided egg bread, traditionally eaten on Friday night). Two unbelieving Jewish friends, Pam and Harriet,…

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Twice Presented Leads to Twice Born…
Topics: born again
Author: Steve Cohen

It was the next to last day of my deputation tour in early April of 1994, and I was tired and homesick. I had been presenting Christ in the Passover at various Florida churches for nearly three weeks. I arrived early at the church in Ocala. I had been there for a Christ in the…

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Deputation: Why We Speak in Churches

The one ministry of Jews for Jesus that is not directly evangelistic is deputation. Through deputation, we win the hearts of God’s people to our cause so that they become involved in witnessing, praying and giving to the end that Jewish people might be saved. We present ourselves to be deputized by the church and…

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Sometimes It Takes Time
Topics: poetry

A few years ago, I had a chance to speak at a certain church on the south side of Chicago. There may have been more than fivehundred people who came that night to hear our Jews for Jesus presentation. At least one of them brought along an unbelieving Jewish friend, Richard. I did not meet…

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His Back To My Face (Second Thought)
Author: Peter Rice

His back to my face, the street straight ahead, He turns, says, Thanks,” and accepts my tract. His face to the wind and also to me, now he sees my shirt, Reacts to “Jesus” with internal flack. Good news or other views? A chilling wind blows strong. He grasps the paper; the light turns green….

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Nation Under Fire

from our Israel Correspondent In Israel, young men and women wearing military uniforms and carrying weapons are an ever-present sight. One quickly gets used to seeing them traveling together or waiting in line at the movies, M-16 machine guns in hand. Though there is a constant military presence in Israel, no one would describe the…

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On the Way: The Duty of Being Unpleasant

Sometimes, in order to be truthful, you can’t be nice. Often the loving thing to say or do is not the nice thing. Many Christians have a difficult time saying and doing the right thing because the saying or the doing is not pleasant. I know that this is true for me. My natural inclination…

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Counting the Cost
Author: David M.

On my way to visit a Jewish man who had expressed an interest in Jesus, I decided to drop in on one of the local churches. That particular church belonged to a mainline evangelical denomination, and though I had never met the pastor, I was hoping to introduce myself. We like to know the pastors…

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A Closer Walk
Author: Moishe Rosen

I grew up in Denver, Colorado, where I heard a great deal of cowboy music on the radio. In my boyhood, I never visited a cattle ranch. I never even knew a real cowboy. Nevertheless, being constantly surrounded by the common Western culture, I regarded cowboys as my heroes. The beat of those songs (now…

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We’re Glad You Asked

Question: In trying to witness, sometimes I encounter people who shower me with questions and hardly wait for answers in between. How can I know if such people are earnest seekers or are merely baiting me with insincere questions? Answer: When sincere individuals ask questions and you give them answers, they will not immediately rush…

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