Sometimes we find them—sometimes they find us! As evangelists, we Jews for Jesus don’t wait for inquirers to come to us. We are always busy exploring every possible way to find those who might be interested in knowing more about Messiah Jesus. Our outreach efforts include activities such as tract distribution, street drama, parades, testimonies, newspaper and other media ads, telephone calls, letters and door-to-door canvassing.

Sometimes, however, when God has prepared an individual’s heart, we don’t have to go looking for that person. Instead, he or she finds us! This happens frequently when our staff ministers in churches. Sometimes Jewish inquirers come because they have been brought to that church by a Christian friend. Sometimes they even come by themselves out of curiosity after seeing a newspaper ad for one of our speakers or teams at a church in their area.

A phone call, a timely invitation, a well-placed ad, or a word fitly spoken can culminate in someone’s moment of decision!

It was a special Sunday morning full of happenings. Soon after I arrived at the church where I was to speak, I found out that one of my old college friends was a member there. The service included a believer’s baptism, a baby dedication and the announcement that the following week was the beloved pastor’s last time to speak there before leaving to minister to another congregation.

With so much going on that morning, however, the most exciting event for me was the knowledge that Fern, an unbelieving Jewish lady, had come to the service. Not long after my arrival I had been introduced to Fern by the friend and co-worker who had brought her.

I found Fern to be pleasant and sweet. She did not appear distant or extremely reserved, as many Jewish visitors to a church might have been. Rather, she seemed very comfortable to meet a Jew who believed in Jesus.

As I was giving my message, primarily about messianic prophecies, I kept noticing Fern. I kept thinking that this particular message was such a great witness for an unbeliever and how wonderful it was that she was hearing all this information. I tried not to look at her too much as I spoke because I did not want to make her uncomfortable.

After the service, as I was minding our literature table, I was pleased to see Fern come by and look at everything. She wanted to purchase our Questions and Answers booklet and our Jesus for Jews book of testimonies. Both of these are really excellent materials for an unbeliever. Questions and Answers covers several of the most common objections to the gospel raised by nonbelievers, and the story book vividly describes the struggles and resolutions of 15 Jewish people who came to accept Yeshua as their Messiah.

As Fern was buying the books, I began talking to her. She had been raised in Conservative Judaism. That is, she attended a Conservative synagogue. I sensed that Fern might be ready to make a commitment of faith, so I asked her if she had ever prayed to accept Yeshua as her Messiah. She admitted that she had not. When I asked her if she would like to do that, she said she would. We went aside, and I explained the good news of Yeshua’s atonement for sin and was able to lead her in a prayer to accept Him as her Messiah and Savior.

Fern told me that her mother thinks she is crazy for thinking Yeshua is the Messiah. Please pray that Fern will stand firm and grow in her new faith, that her husband will be very supportive of her decision to accept Jesus, and that she herself will become a great witness for the Messiah.


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Mark Landrum | Sydney


Mark Landrum grew up in Georgia, where his Jewish mother came to faith in Jesus when Mark was still a boy. He has shared his faith with others since his teen years. Mark's decision to be a missionary was made after a summer in Peru with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Mark met Jews for Jesus missionary Rahel Hirshenson on our New York Summer Witnessing Campaign in 1990, and they were wed in March 1992. Mark holds an M.A. in Jewish Missions from Fuller Theological Seminary. The Landrums are now serving in our Sydney branch.

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