Be not afraid; go tell my brethren.…” That’s what our risen Lord Jesus said to the two Marys at the tomb (Matthew 28:10). Of course in telling the brethren, they would be telling the disciples who already believed and would rejoice. But Yeshua also had other brethren, whom Paul called “brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh” (Romans 9:3b). They were not then, nor are they now, always happy to hear the message that Jesus rose from the dead. They are disconcerted because if the message is true, they have been wrong.

If you and your ancestors and your ancestors’ ancestors had always felt that they were serving God and being loyal to their own by not believing in Jesus, the statement of Christ’s resurrection might cause you some consternation. Nevertheless it is true. And those of us who are Jews who have come to believe in Jesus know that it is worth it to believe and proclaim it, whatever the cost.

When we do this, sometimes we find ourselves like Joseph—rejected of our brethren because of the Father’s love. But, more than anything, we want to see our brethren saved, and we at Jews for Jesus are willing to sacrifice and struggle to make that happen. Won’t you help us do that with your gifts and your prayers?


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