March 1991 Newsletter (5751:5)

Moses—Rejected by Man and Even by Himself, But Not by God (Exodus 1-4)*
February 1, 1991

A. THE SITUATION—Humanly speaking, the Egypt situation for the Hebrews was going from bad to worse. 1. Influential Joseph and his entire generation were dead (1:6). 2. The beneficent Pharaoh Connection” was gone (1:8). 3. The new Pharaoh wanted the Hebrews subjugated at all costs (1:9-14). a) He set oppressive taskmasters over the Hebrews. b)…

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After Ninety-Two Years: Childlike Faith
Author: Rob Wertheim

Every year during the Easter/Passover season Jews for Jesus sends a number of us missionaries to churches throughout the United States where we present a message called Christ in the Passover. During these tours we show many people the Jewish roots of their Christian faith, and as we travel about we also have an opportunity…

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Unholy Tolerance
Author: Moishe Rosen

One of the most frustrating conversations I ever had was with a man whose name you would recognize because he is a high-profile evangelical leader. At a missions conference we both attended he told me, There are people following their religions who are absolutely sincere because they are loyal to their own people, but they…

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Beware Deceptive Doubletalk

Jews for Jesus deplores a dangerous concept being introduced in some mission circles. It embodies the twisted logic that one can relate to God without relating to him as Father, and Jesus is entirely out of the picture. Such deceptive doubletalk appears in the following excerpt from The Riddle of Religions” by Dr. Colin Chapman…

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Another Sinai

Stan and I have known each other for about 10 years. He is an old Jewish man who has heard the gospel enough times that he could preach it himself. It is not for lack of information that he doesn’t believe, but because of hardness of heart. I stop by to visit him every now…

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The Resurrection Factor: From Psalms from a Sparrow
Author: Lois Solberg

It seems to me that Easter should have a lot more significance than Christmas. It bothers me sometimes that it does not. I tried to explain my feelings to a friend once—how I felt that the Resurrection was the prime distinction between Christian and non-Christian faiths. She said, Yes, but if Jesus had not been…

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Important Dates

Although Scripture tells us that the Passion, Crucifixion and Resurrection of Yeshua took place at the Passover holiday, in modern times these holidays do not usually coincide. This year, however, Passover and Easter do fall on the same day. Passover will be celebrated on March 29-31, and Easter will fall on March 31. (The Feast…

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Easter Sunday, Easter Sunday

As I lay sound asleep in the army hospital in Japan, the nurse gently woke me to wish me a happy Easter. I smiled back at her and said, Gut Yontif” (Yiddish for “Happy Holiday”). I could not have cared less whether or not it was Easter Sunday—I was thankful just to be alive. I…

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Go Tell My Brethren

Be not afraid; go tell my brethren.…” That’s what our risen Lord Jesus said to the two Marys at the tomb (Matthew 28:10). Of course in telling the brethren, they would be telling the disciples who already believed and would rejoice. But Yeshua also had other brethren, whom Paul called “brethren, my kinsmen according to…

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