He Rolled Away the Stone

Many times I had passed the six-story apartment desiring to distribute some tracts. I knew that many Jewish people lived there, but a big iron gate prevented me from going in. The security code forbade peddlers.” I don’t mind being called a peddler for Jesus’ sake, but that iron door remained an annoyance to me. Before it I felt like those women on their way to the tomb of our Lord. They asked each other, “Who will roll the stone away from the entrance of the tomb?” But when they looked up, they saw that the stone, which was very large, had been rolled away. In a similar way the Lord opened that iron door for me after I prayed. He did not send an angel, as with the women at the tomb. To open this iron gate one did not have to be powerful like an angel. Even a small child could open it—from the inside. So it happened. When I approached the gate a stranger opened it for me and invited me in, probably supposing that I was one of the tenants.

Avoiding the apartment manager, I quickly went to the fourth floor. The first door I knocked on was opened by a man, who said: “My wife went downstairs to pick up the mail, but come in, she will be right back.” Exactly two minutes passed, and Rita, a woman in her fifties, appeared. I introduced myself, gave a personal story of my faith in the Lord and explained the reason for my visit. Rita looked angry. When I asked if she read the Bible or attended church, she responded sharply: “My God is in my heart and that is enough for me.” Seeing her negative attitude, I left.

Since that first visit I never stopped praying for Rita and her husband, and once in a while I called them. Then Rita’s sister came from Russia for a short visit and I was invited to meet her. After introducing me to her sister, Rita left to prepare lunch while her husband was sitting on the porch. My conversation with Rita’s sister turned quickly to the Bible. She showed complete ignorance of the Scriptures and had no interest in God, but I was still glad to explain to her about God’s Word, for I noticed that Rita in the kitchen and her husband on the porch had been listening too. During my conversation with Rita’s sister God performed the miracle in Rita’s heart. She was touched by my story and explanation of the Word and asked me to come more often to their apartment.

Last September Rita opened her heart to Christ in prayer and confessed him as her Lord and Savior. Today Rita reads the Bible and she is active in our home bible study. By God’s help she now understands that salvation is not in what we do for God, but in the person of the Lord Jesus.

Thanks to God for his Word ever living and active, because he himself is the same yesterday, today and forever. The iron gate on the apartment building was not the only barrier. God not only opened it for me, but he also rolled away the stone of unbelief from Rita’s heart.


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