While the Liberated Wailing Wall was ministering in Indiana, we evangelized at the University of Indiana in Bloomington for three days. On the first day I put up a literature table in the commons area. To my surprise, I found that I had chosen a spot right next to one being manned by the B’nai B’rith Hillel group. As a Jewish campus organization, they were encouraging people to send Jewish holiday greeting cards to Russian Jews to remind them of their Jewish identity. My being in that particular spot turned out to be an excellent opportunity to share my faith with many Jewish people.

At one point only one person, Jim, was in charge of the Hillel table. Unlike many other Jewish students I met there, Jim was open to some real talk about the messiahship of Jesus. I gave him some of our gospel literature and encouraged him to read it. Try as I might, however, he would not give me his address and telephone number for further follow-up. This didn’t make sense to me, because he seemed so open to discussion about God. Well,” I thought, “at least seeds are being planted.”

On the third day of our evangelism at Bloomington, I set up another literature table at the same place. About an hour later, there came Jim. He walked right up to me. He had read some of the literature, but rather than discuss it, he mostly wanted to tell me how unhappy he was. We talked, and I encouraged him, telling him that God was really there.

Jim’s background was very similar to mine, in that having grown up in a Reform Jewish home, he didn’t know a great deal about his Jewish faith except that he must remain loyal to being Jewish. It was a perfect opportunity for me to tell him my experiences about believing in Jesus and still being Jewish. By the end of our conversation he was not only open to discussing the gospel with me, but he gave me his address and telephone number. I handed him our Yeshua book and our Questions and Answers booklet, and he promised to read them and write me what he thought.

I praise God for allowing me to meet with Jim that second time. I am thankful that God used me to plant some seed that hopefully will make the difference in Jim’s life. I pray that very soon he will be serving Jesus, the true Messiah of all people.