The Jews for Jesus ministry has been blessed by our Co-Laborers in Messiah,” who serve as volunteer missionary coordinators. These are the people who do much of the “behind the scenes” support work that enhances our outreach. They call churches, provide housing for our mobile teams and speakers and generally make themselves available as the need arises. Sometimes our co-laborers get an opportunity to become actively involved in Jewish evangelism in unexpected ways.

Helen Andraszczyk and her husband Andy are co-laborers in the Milwaukee area. They came to our Jews for Jesus Midwest Ingathering at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, expecting to have a good time of fellowship and to help our staff if needed. In addition, Helen had prayed that God would bring many unbelieving Jewish people to the ingathering.

As soon as Helen walked through the doorway that night, she saw two middle-aged women standing by the literature table. Thinking that they might be unbelieving Jewish women, she introduced herself as a co-laborer with Jews for Jesus and asked them what they thought about Jesus. Miriam and Toby were indeed Jewish. They had been attending the Bible study and other activities at our Chicago branch office for about a year, and had come to the ingathering in one of the ministry vans.

As to what they thought about Jesus…Miriam answered, “We’ve heard a lot about Jesus, but we can’t make up our minds about him.” Helen said, “Don’t worry. You’ll know enough before this ingathering is over!” “We’ll see,” Miriam responded. Helen went home that night praying for Miriam and Toby.

The next evening Helen and Andy returned to the ingathering, and the two women were very happy to see them again. Helen asked, “Have you ladies heard enough to make a decision about Jesus yet?”

Miriam replied, “We’ve certainly heard a lot, and now we believe that he is the Messiah. What do we do now?”

When Helen asked them if they would like to pray to receive Jesus in their hearts, they had only one question: “Do we pray one at a time or together?” Helen was very glad to work out the prayer logistics and had the simcha (joy) of leading both Miriam and Toby to the Lord in prayer.

When Helen went home that night, she prayed, “Lord, now that these women have prayed to receive you, please make some fruit of that decision evident.” The next evening when Helen returned, she discovered that those two new believers had gone around telling everyone at the ingathering their confession of faith. Helen gave each of them a Bible and also made sure that our Chicago missionaries had Miriam’s and Toby’s names for follow-up and further discipling.

Reflecting on that experience Helen says, “I find it very fulfilling as a Jews for Jesus co-laborer to encourage and help believers to witness to the Jewish people. I was especially privileged to be used of God to actually reap the spiritual seed that our missionaries had faithfully sowed!”


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