In the course of our evangelistic ministry we Jews for Jesus hear countless arguments about why a Jew should not believe in Jesus. One often-quoted stance proclaims, Let the Gentiles kneel at Calvary; we Jews will stand at Sinai. Let non-Jews believe in Jesus if it helps them feel close to God, but we Jews have a covenant relationship with him through the Law of Moses.”

History has proved that no one can “stand” at Sinai. God’s perfect law only serves to highlight humanity’s imperfection. To stand at Sinai is to fall at Sinai, to fail under its rigorous demands. No, we can only kneel at Calvary. There is no other way.

Calvary is the pinnacle of Gods reaching down to mankind—the watershed of history. It confronts all, Jews and Gentiles alike, and demands a decision. From the cross the waters of decision flow in two directions—one toward faith and acceptance and the other toward unbelief and rejection. There is no middle ground. We have the freedom to choose either way, but choose we must before the current sweeps us away.

The Resurrection validates God’s universal offer of salvation in Christ. Without the empty tomb Calvary is meaningless. But we rest in the assurance that he who demonstrated his mighty power over death also has the power to save all who commit themselves to him.


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