March 1986 Newsletter (5746:5)

There Are Only a Few of Us
March 1, 1986
Author: Janet Chaiet

One of the primary ways we missionaries build our caseloads” is through your help—yes, you, the reader of this Newsletter! Although there are relatively few of us missionaries, there are many of you who know Jewish people. We might never have the privilege of communicating with then, about Jesus unless you tell us who they…

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But What Do the Rabbis Say?
Author: Peter Rice

But what do the rabbis say?” Like others on our Jews for Jesus staff, I’m often asked by Gentile Christian friends how the rabbis or Chasidic Jews view certain messianic passages of Scripture. Because to those of us who have known the Lord for years it seems so obvious that Yeshua is the Messiah, we…

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Pinsk, Minsk and Hidden Treasure
Author: Peter Rice

It wasn’t until after I had handed David a gospel broadside tract that I noticed his yarmulkeh (skull cap worn by Orthodox Jewish people). Not that it mattered. We Jews for Jesus don’t go out of our way to give or avoid giving our broadsides to anyone. And since it was noon at the corner…

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The Most Frequent Questions In Jewish Evangelism

QUESTION: What proof do you have that Jesus was the Messiah? ANSWER: For one who has already made up his or her mind that Jesus is not the Messiah, no amount of evidence will be convincing, but for those who are honest in asking, the evidence speaks for itself. The idea of a Messiah is…

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Excellence Is Better than Success
Author: Moishe Rosen

He was a wise young man—a coal miner who became a lawyer by studying at night school. First he learned shorthand. Then he found work in a law office. Later, when his shorthand improved, he became a court reporter. He attended law school at night and passed his bar exams. Then he received a call…

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Reflections on the Resurrection…

In the course of our evangelistic ministry we Jews for Jesus hear countless arguments about why a Jew should not believe in Jesus. One often-quoted stance proclaims, Let the Gentiles kneel at Calvary; we Jews will stand at Sinai. Let non-Jews believe in Jesus if it helps them feel close to God, but we Jews…

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God Knew
Topics: our stories

The view was breathtaking. Lush pine forests covered the mountainsides and disappeared into distant valleys below. A sheer rock face of reddish hue stretched upward toward snow-capped peaks that glistened in a sunny, cobalt-blue sky. It was a beautiful but treacherous route, and I fixed my attention on the road as we inched our way…

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I’m One of You
Author: Libby Gold

My grandparents, Esther and Joseph, immigrated to America from Lithuania in 1905. My grandfather, a tinsmith, had earned a livelihood in the old country with his horse and wagon. After a fire destroyed their village on the outskirts of Vilna province, Esther and Joseph packed their few possessions onto a wagon and left the country…

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I’m Singing

I can’t believe they want me to sing.…I can’t believe they expect me to sing.…I can’t believe I’m singing!” I was always considered a pianist. The only singing I ever did was usually in the shower. I knew that if I were going to be able to sing with that mobile evangelistic team I had…

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Wanted! Volunteer Missionary Coordinators to Be Co-Laborers In Messiah!

Do you have a burden for the Jewish people to know their Messiah? Here’s an opportunity for you to learn to work with us as a Co-Laborer in an area where we do not have an established branch of Jews for Jesus. We need friends to help us coordinate the many behind-the-scenes tasks necessary to…

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