March 1985 Newsletter (5745:5)

When Wrong Is Dead Wrong
March 1, 1985
Author: Moishe Rosen

Rabbi, you are wrong! Dead wrong!” The exclamation that spilled out of my mouth surprised me as much as it did the rabbi and the talk show host. From the start the rabbi had been so erudite and eloquent. He had done most of the talking, while I had barely...

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Our Missionary of The Month

Gina Ciavolino—not a name you’d think to associate with Jews for Jesus, is it? But yes, Gina is Jewish, and she is now serving as a missionary in our San Francisco branch. Gina was born in New York City on June 16, 1958, and she was raised in the suburbs of New...

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We’re Glad You Asked…

QUESTION: Please comment on the use and understanding of the Hebrew word Ha-Shem (the Name) as presented in the Bible. ANSWER: The common Hebrew word for name is shem, and it has two uses. One refers to appellation, title or identity, and the other to fame or renown...

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Students Aren’t Always Easy
Author: Gina Moss

Sometimes students can be the hardest people to whom we minister. It’s not that they are uninterested. It’s just that they’re usually convinced that they are the busiest people around and couldn’t possibly have time to get together for a...

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Get Ready, Get Set, Fight
Topics: purim
Author: Samuel Hunt

The book of Esther presents an outstanding example of biblical victory for the individual believer. The victory found then by God’s earthly people Israel can be found now by all who belong to him by faith in Israel’s Messiah. It is God’s will for his...

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Purim, A Time for Celebration

Hag Purim, Hag Purim, Hag gadol shel yeladim.” “The Feast of Purim, the Feast of Purim, a great holiday for the children,” proclaims this little song. It resounds throughout the streets of Israel during the Purim celebration which is also called the...

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God Has Not Rejected the Jews
Topics: our stories
Author: Loren Jacobs

Have you ever heard someone say, The Jews rejected Christ, so God has rejected the Jews”? That statement contradicts the teaching of Scripture. In the 11th chapter of Romans, starting with verse one, the Apostle Paul gives a seven-fold rebuttal of this...

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I Thought the Messiah Had Come and I Had Missed Him
Author: Larry Brandt

People often ask me, What’s a nice Jewish boy like you doing in Jews for Jesus?” My story begins in Long Beach, N.Y., a conservative Jewish community in Long Island. For six years I went to Hebrew school and at 13 1 had my bar mitzvah (confirmation). Many...

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When in New Jersey Do As the Pakistani

I had never eaten rice with my fingers—at least not since I had been a toddler. But that day in New Jersey it was proper table behavior to eat rice with one’s fingers. I was sharing a meal with a family as they hosted their patriarchal guest, Mr. Efraim Joseph....

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