We are praising God that we have already seen dozens of Jewish people come to know their Messiah this year! We know you’ll be blessed to read about some of the Jewish people you are reaching through your prayers and support. God is providing a harvest that truly is plentiful, from the United States, to Berlin, Russia, Ukraine, and of course, to Israel. Here is a glimpse of how He is transforming lives in Tel Aviv:

Chana had a profound realization that evil is real—and therefore, good must also be real. While she was searching to understand the source of that good, a Christian Arab taxi driver shared part of the gospel with her and mentioned that Jesus was Jewish! Bookstores in Israel don’t carry the New Testament, but Chana was hungry to learn more. That’s when she found our website and ordered a free copy of the New Testament.

Our missionary, Sheer Raev, hand delivered the New Testament, and Chana was so happy to receive it. They kept their distance and only talked briefly because of the pandemic. Chana had lots of questions, so they agreed to connect regularly by phone. Before long, Chana had read nearly the entire New Testament—and told Sheer that she believed Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah, and that He is God! Sheer explained what it means to receive and follow Him, and ever since, they have been meeting weekly for Bible study/discipleship! 

When Chana told her family about her faith, some took it really hard, but her (secular Jewish) mom was really interested to hear more. Chana continued sharing her faith with her mom—and in late March, she too, received Yeshua! Praise the Lord! Please pray for Chana’s father (who is Orthodox) and other family members to come to faith in Jesus. Thank you so much for your part in God’s salvation plan for Chana, her mother, and so many other Jewish people around the world!

Direct from the Field

Thanks to all who prayed for Jewish people to attend our Passover outreaches around the world!

Natasha Krouter

From Berlin, Natasha Krouter reports, “My husband, Leonid, and I invited a Jewish family to our home for Passover. They had never been to a Messianic Seder before and were very interested. After the Seder, I went and sat down next to the wife, Katja. I asked what she thought about the connection between the Passover lamb in the Old Testament and Jesus. She said that she understood about protection and salvation through the blood—then added that she believes Jesus is the Messiah and sometimes says the Lord’s Prayer. I suggested that she could pray to receive Jesus as her Lord and become one of His disciples. She agreed, and we prayed together. Praise God! I’m so excited that Katja found, ‘the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world’ this Passover! Please pray for her to grow in faith and have a thirst for the Word of God!”

Tolik Emma

Tolik Emma (left) leads one of the 61 mini-seders held by our branch in Kiev

From Kiev, Tolik Emma reports, “We held 61 ‘mini-Seders’ in five days, visiting Jewish homes to explain some of the Passover elements and symbolism. This gave us the opportunity to tell how God’s redemption plan was not only to deliver our people from slavery in Egypt all those years ago, but also to deliver us today from the slavery of every thought, word, and deed that keeps us from a relationship with our loving God. Two women prayed to receive the Lord while we visited them: Emma and Galina. We hope to continue the conversation about redemption with many more who welcomed us for our ‘mini-Seders.’”

Olga VassermanFrom Odessa, Olga Vasserman reports, “I have been visiting with Nora over the telephone for quite some time. On April 1, we met in person. I wished her a happy Passover and shared some matzah and grape juice with her. Nora has believed there is no God her whole life, but as we talked, she said, ‘Recently, something has happened within me, and I am starting to think God might be real.’ I shared the gospel with her and my testimony, and she then agreed to pray a prayer of repentance with me! It was so beautiful to lead Nora to faith during the season of redemption.” 

God’s Mercy and Miracles in Moscow

Maxim AmmosovFrom Maxim Ammosov, our branch leader in Moscow, reports, “Last summer, a friend from Ukraine called, asking me to visit her brother-in-law Oleg and his family in Moscow. Oleg was terminally ill and caring for his Jewish wife, Julia, who is paralyzed and also terminally ill. Oleg also cares for their ten-year-old son, Peter, who, thank God, is healthy. My friend asked me to try to talk to Julia about God, since she had very little time left. She had talked to Oleg and Julia many times, long distance. She said both of them were angry with God. Nevertheless, Oleg eventually prayed with my friend to profess faith in Jesus.

“When I called, Oleg picked up the phone. Before long, he asked me why God allowed such a tragedy to happen to his family. My honest answer was, ‘I don’t know,’ and it softened his heart. We talked about how suffering entered the world through sin, and I told Oleg that in times of trouble, one should run to God, and not away. While it is natural to ask why, it is better to ask God for His mercy, which is so great. Whatever our circumstances, we can admit our sin, repent, and ask, ‘What should I do to be saved?’ The conversations with Oleg (there were several of them) bore fruit. His faith seemed to take hold, and he began attending church with his son. Thank God!

“As for Julia, things were going hard for her, but at last she agreed to talk to me. Her disability had strongly affected her speech, perhaps that is why she was reluctant to talk to people. Oleg sometimes served as Julia's interpreter for me, and we had several brief, spiritual conversations.

“One morning, my friend from Ukraine called me with a message from Oleg; he had just been taken to the hospital, and he told our mutual friend, ‘Call Maxim!’ His son was home alone with an immobilized mother who needed constant care! At first, I was at a loss—without medical skills, how can I help? But I prayed, and God answered. I posted in our JFJ volunteer chat that we urgently needed a nurse. And, oh, a miracle! Almost immediately, a nurse who volunteers with us (and is part of a local Messianic community) called me to say she was free to help for just one day! Within a couple of hours, she was there with Julia. Glory to God!

“But that evening, Oleg died. He’d wanted desperately to care for Julia until the end of her days. But look what the Almighty God did next! The ‘nurse for only one day’ had taken the initiative to find another of our volunteers from the same Messianic community to take over Julia’s care. This woman won Julia's trust. She regularly reads to Julia from her Bible, plays sermons for her to hear, and gradually God has changed Julia’s heart. She prayed with this woman to receive Yeshua into her heart! Hallelujah!

“But there is more! The pastor of the congregation from which our volunteer nurses came opened his heart to this family. He and his wife decided to take ten-year-old Peter into their family! The registration to be his foster family is in process! We grieve for the terrible pain of losing both his parents, but thank God, He has arranged for Peter to be loved and cared for in their absence. Hallelujah! We cannot understand the tragedies of this life, but we can trust in God’s mercy and His might! Pray for Julia to stay strong in her faith until the Lord takes her home, and pray for Peter that, even as he grieves his losses, he will find comfort and new life in Jesus.”

Names are changed to protect privacy.