Meet Our New Missionaries

Meet Our New Missionaries

Emmanuel Mebasser, born in Tehran, Iran, is a fourth-generation Jewish believer in Jesus. His surname means “bearer of good news,” a legacy Emmanuel enthusiastically embraces.

He grew up in Los Angeles, attending a congregation of believers in Jesus comprised of both Jews and former Muslims. Every worship service was a testimony of the love, peace, and unity that Jesus brings when we surrender our hearts to Him.

By the age of 17, Emmanuel knew he needed to discover for himself whether or not God is real and the gospel is true. He asked hard questions about God and the Bible, and he also began questioning people about their relationships with God. That search affirmed and confirmed Emmanuel’s faith in Jesus and the Bible.

His first real contact with Jews for Jesus was during college, when he met Annette Sofaer (from our Los Angeles branch) who was sharing the gospel on his campus. Emmanuel was soon volunteering with the branch and taking part in short-term missions trips. He also did two internships at the San Francisco headquarters in the web and multimedia departments.

Emmanuel met his wife Sarah on an outreach in Florida. Sarah has also served with Jews for Jesus in different capacities. In 1997, Emmanuel accepted a full-time position to lead the web department at our San Francisco headquarters. He has remained focused on innovating our online evangelism ever since, via website strategies, videos, animations, social media, and Live Chat on the website.

Emmanuel is fond of saying, “We harness the anonymity of the web.” In other words, we give even the most skeptical or cautious people opportunities to connect personally with a missionary via Live Chat. They can explore spiritual issues with us on their own devices in the privacy of their homes, cars, or wherever they feel most comfortable. The great thing is, more and more people we meet on Live Chat are giving us their contact information for more personal connections.

Though Emmanuel has been part of our administrative team for a long while, he was recently accepted as a missionary specializing in online evangelism. He will receive some great training as he continues to use the web and social media to make the Good News of Jesus available and accessible to Jewish people worldwide.

Read more about Emmanuel and find out how to volunteer for our flourishing online ministry.

Asher Korycka
was raised knowing that he was Jewish, and that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah. Back in the ’80s, well before Asher came on the scene, his mom had taken one of our gospel broadsides. Through that pamphlet, she connected with our missionary Bob Mendelsohn (who later ended up performing her wedding!). Mom came to faith through a Jews for Jesus Bible study, and eventually worked in our New York office.

Asher was only three when he prayed with his mom to receive Jesus. With truly childlike faith, he announced to his mom, “Jesus is in my tummy!” Nevertheless, he says, “When I was 13, my dad explained that I had to decide for myself if I wanted to have a personal relationship with Jesus.” That was a definitive point for Asher, who reaffirmed that his faith truly was his own. While attending Brooklyn College, he met Sam Rood from our New York branch. Before long, Asher was attending Jews for Jesus Shabbat dinners and outreaches. Eventually, he volunteered as a counselor for “Wonderful Winter Weekend” with Camp Gilgal. He graduated with a bachelor of arts in television and radio, and began internships at different branches of Jews for Jesus, using his video production skills.

Asher says, “I’m excited to continue using video to help point Jewish people to Jesus. I’m also looking forward to being a leader on Massah this summer, as we go to India to share the gospel with Israeli backpackers and anyone else willing to listen. When I come back to New York City, in addition to my training I’ll be participating in different communities in NYC, such as sharing the gospel with young professionals.”

Greg Williams
was born in South Africa to a Jewish family who believes in Jesus. He was three years old when he and his family moved to Israel, and they have lived there ever since.

When he was 13 years old, Greg attended a youth conference during which he felt God’s presence. He says, “Since that moment, I have seen God’s faithfulness in my life.” The closer he grew to God, the more Greg saw how important it is to help other young people understand the truth and reality of Yeshua (Jesus).

Greg had met Eli Birnbaum (who now directs our Israel branch) through the youth group: “Eli spoke to me about an internship, and he opened my eyes to what I could accomplish by serving with Jews for Jesus. He also invited me to take part in Massah, living in community with other Jewish believers in Jesus as we reach out to Israeli backpackers traveling abroad. I had just done a short-term mission in Mozambique, where I gained a passion for the lost in Africa. My experience in Massah was amazing! It left me wanting to do more evangelism for the lost who are close to me, my own relatives and friends. I’m especially interested in reaching others who, like me, grew up hearing about the gospel but still need to meet Yeshua personally.”

Greg is planning to focus his ministry on youth and soldiers who come from believing backgrounds. He says, “The army can be a lonely place. It’s a stage of life when a lot of people lose their faith and forget God, so I have a particular burden to serve and minister to people in this trying time.”

Greg is pictured with his wife, Anastasia.

Roei Stanley
was born in Canada. His father is Canadian and his mother is Israeli, and like Greg’s family, they moved to Israel when Roie was three years old. Growing up, he went to church but never understood what it meant to have a relationship with God. After his military service, he had a lot of doubts about God and came close to giving up his faith. But at the age of 21, he attended a Messianic conference and, during the worship time, God opened his eyes and his heart. Roie has been growing in his relationship with Him ever since, and is learning what it means to be a son and a disciple. He and his wife Katie served with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) for a number of years.

Roei’s first contact with Jews for Jesus was as a recruit for our Massah program, where, as he says, “I learned a lot about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.” After Massah, Roei continued his involvement with Jews for Jesus. He’s been helping to run our soldiers’ meetings as well as helping us host local community events. It’s been great having him help Jews for Jesus initiate community dinners and other projects that bring people together to better our neighborhood.

Roei is pictured with his wife, Katie.

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