Please pray for:

  • an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will be even greater than the Jesus People movement of the 1970s
  • our summer evangelism starting this month, including the Moscow campaign (June 1-21); Massah (June 8-Aug 12) Brazil World Cup outreach (June 13-July 12), training for our NYC Summer Witnessing Campaign (June 29-July 5)
  • our Camp Gilgal programs (too many dates to list here, but we have junior and teen camps running in the East, West and Midwest throughout the summer)
  • salvation for Arkady, Mila, Nelya, Adolf, Sophia and Irina
  • grace and strength for new Jewish believers Sam, Sophia and Lera, as well as Alice, Julie and Sarah and Shlomy
  • plans for our next Behold Your God Israel campaign