In 2011, during the Women’s World Cup games, we conducted a three-week evangelistic campaign in Berlin. Our team encountered many Jewish people from Berlin and as well as Jewish tourists from other countries, including Israel. We received 126 Jewish contacts.

After the campaign, we began the hard work of follow-up. We started by phoning through our contacts in Berlin, and we conducted a series of visits. Though we do not have a branch in Berlin, this was not our first outreach there. Many Jewish people in Berlin want to hear about Jesus and receive our ministry, so we have continued to minister to our contacts there every three months. The last time Igor Shelest and I came to Berlin to make a series of visits, it was a special time when God’s glory was revealed and we felt boundless joy.

We conducted ten visits with unsaved Jewish people who wanted to know more about their Messiah. Among them were people whom we’d already visited, as well as some who opened their doors to us for the first time. I talked to people, listened to them, answered their questions, looked into their eyes and kept on rejoicing in the light I saw there. It was the light of the Living God, the light that is kindled through hearing the Word of God. And we were privileged to bring that Word that sparked His light in their eyes.

It made me think of Jesus’ words, “And whoever gives one of these little ones only a cup of cold water in the name of a disciple, assuredly, I say to you, he shall by no means lose his reward” (Matthew 10:42). As Jesus’ disciples, we were offering refreshing water to those who are spiritually thirsty.

What a blessing to give people their first cup of the “living water,” when we acquaint them with the gospel and do it in the name of our Jesus Messiah.

It’s so wonderful to be the first to touch someone with the gospel —not necessarily the best, but the first to bring the gospel to someone, to explained it, to tell the person about God’s love and to try to show that love to people.

We can do so little for our Lord, but He does so much for us.

Every time the Lord reveals His Word, I feel joy, and I rejoice in the fact that He is my Father. He sustains me, He admonishes me in His Word, reveals it to me, and gives me a wonderful opportunity to be the first to share the gospel with many of my people.

Dear friends, I hope you pray for our ongoing work in Berlin, and that you will particularly pray for our 2013 Berlin witnessing campaign! The dates are July 24 through August 11.

Leonid Dolganovsky leads our branch in Essen, Germany.


Our first Berlin campaign was in 2005. In three-and-a-half weeks, the team handed out over 300,000 broadsides and gathered the names and addresses of 115 Jewish people and 370 non-Jews who wanted to know more about the Lord. For the first time in recent history, a significant number of Jews and Germans stood side by side, proclaiming the Good News together. What a story to the love of God and to the reconciling power of Messiah’s cross!

And you can read about our most recent Berlin campaign, summer of 2012 here.