Jews for Jesus provides an annual full two-week training course on Jewish evangelism for our summer campaigners (and anyone else who is interested) under the auspices of Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. This intensive course includes classroom studies as well as role-playing and on-the-street opportunities with our experienced Chicago missionaries to prepare campaigners for the streets of New York City. Students can earn three college credits for the two-week course and they also begin to form the bonds with one another that will help see them through the month-long campaign. This year’s training is from June 17 to June 29.

Please pray for the campaigners to use this time to best advantage to prepare spiritually, mentally and emotionally for our 2012 New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign.

To encourage you to pray, here are some snippets written by last year’s campaigners during their training:

Joel: “I was handing out broadsides on Michigan Avenue and was a little discouraged, because it seemed like every Jewish person I offered one to said, ‘no,’ and sped by before I could respond. Finally, a young man came to me and said, ‘What is this? I’ve always wondered about you people but I’ve never asked.’ I explained about our mission and quickly shared the gospel. Although he didn’t give his contact info, I was encouraged that Daniel told me his name and was open to hearing our message.”

Phillip: “The question, ‘Who do you think Jesus is?’ seems to be loaded for many people—their answers seem to come from deep inside them. A Jewish Korean War veteran said that while he didn’t believe everything the rabbis told him, he couldn’t [allow himself to] hear the possibility that Jesus claimed to be the Messiah. Regardless of what I asked, he ‘road blocked’ the simple question about Jesus. In the end, however, he took a broadside and I pray that he reads it and thinks about the Messiah.”

Alexander: “During my first sortie in Chicago, a fireman took my broadside and asked me in Hebrew, ‘Mi Hu?’ [‘Who is He?’]. He, like me, was from Israel. I told him, ‘God must have something to say to you. He sent both of us out of our country and we meet here. It can’t be coincidence!’ So he told me that he wanted to know more and gave me his contact info. Maybe I’ll meet him again in Israel!”

Tamar: “I spoke with a young woman who was spiritually ripe and ready to receive the gospel and the free gift of salvation right there on the street. She walked away excited and called her boyfriend to tell him about it right away.”

Shmuel: “I offered a broadside to a Jewish man who responded, ‘Get out of my face!’ and then stormed off. About ten minutes later, I saw the same man coming right for me, so I braced myself to get yelled at some more. But instead he said, ‘I owe you an apology.’ After a short conversation I offered him a broadside and he reluctantly accepted.”

Rebekah: “While broadsiding on Michigan Avenue, I met a Jewish lady called Rutie, an Israeli on holiday with her friends. She told me that back in Israel she had a friend who was a ‘Jew for Jesus.’ She thought it might be true that Jesus was the Messiah, but asked why it was that the rabbis didn’t believe in Him. I challenged her to read the Scriptures and consider Yeshua for herself. Please pray that she continues to talk to her friend about Jesus and discovers the truth.”

Warren: “I went to the Peace and Love Festival, which was a hippie event full of people on many substances. Being in recovery from substance abuse myself, I thought this would be tough. But through my weakness, God gave me His strength to face my problems and talk of His Messiah. During this sortie, I got three Jewish contacts, including two who were quite open to the gospel. Please pray for them and for follow up.”