New Jews for Jesus Branch in Israel

We are pleased to announce our newest branch has opened in Haifa, the third largest city in Israel. Haifa is located about an hour from Tel Aviv, currently the largest and most bustling branch of Jews for Jesus world-wide!

To pinpoint the city precisely, Haifa is at the southwest corner of the Galilee in the north of Israel, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The center of Haifa is located on the mountain ridge of Carmel, so parts of the city are actually located on Mount Carmel.

Haifa is known for its diversity of people and landscape: adherents of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Druze and Bahai are all active in Haifa. The area is also known for its wonderful scenery, from its beaches and curved bay to the forested range of the Carmel Mountains.

Our Haifa staff is as diverse as the city itself. Peter Nasser, our branch leader, is an Arab, born and raised in Israel. His wife, Yarden, is a Jew from Ukraine, who moved to Israel when she was fifteen. The Nassers joined our staff in 2007. The third member of the Haifa team, Avigail Avnery, was born in Israel but lived most of her life in Finland before returning to Israel as an adult. She joined our staff in 2011. All three are veterans of many evangelistic campaigns, most recently, our Behold Your God campaign held just last month in the Lower Galilee, which includes Haifa.

Our Haifa team (like all our teams!) needs and values your prayers. As you pray, please ask the Lord for:

  • His Holy Spirit to touch hearts as they follow up on BYG contacts, that many will be open to receive the gospel
  • His protection as Israel does have organized opposition, i.e. anti-missionaries who believe they are in the right to stop us from making Jesus known
  • His love to keep the team together and strong in unity of purpose and spirit
  • His provision as far as volunteers and all the resources needed to have a strong story go forward in the Land

Online extras:

The final results from last month's BYG campaign in Haifa can be seen in our June edition of RealTime. If you are not subscribed to RealTime, you may subscribe here.  

Read more about Peter,Yarden and Avigail in our online Newsletter archives. The Nassers are in the November 2007 edition and Avigail Avnery is in the November 2011 edition. Or click here to see our Israel web page.


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