Julia Pascoe reports: “Ziggy and I were handing out gospel leaflets outside in a Jewish neighborhood. We had a brief conversation with a young man who works for the RSPCA (UK animal welfare charity). Ziggy then met an African man and was sharing the gospel with him as an Orthodox Jewish man stood by and listened. Suddenly, an Orthodox Jewish woman began protesting at Ziggy and me. As her objections got louder and louder, many people gathered round to listen. The Orthodox man began to ask lots of questions, and Ziggy started reading Isaiah 53. The Jewish man seemed to be listening as the Jewish woman continued to yell at us, and the African man was most intrigued!

“Eventually the man who works for the RSPCA returned and told us, ‘I don’t know exactly what you guys believe, but I’m Jewish and I am ashamed of the way that woman is treating you. I may not understand or agree with you, but I see that what you are doing is a good thing.’ Ziggy and I were greatly encouraged, especially when the young man gave Ziggy his contact details so that they could meet later!”


Oded Cohen reports: “I completed a study on baptism with Eli*, an Orthodox Jewish man I have been ministering to. Praise God, Eli is now ready and eager to be baptized! I am helping him to prepare for persecution and loss. This Scripture especially spoke to Eli: ‘Again, the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and hid; and for joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field’ (Matthew 13:44). Please pray for Eli* to have the strength and joy of his Lord, and for God to save his family.”

“I have been helping Eliezer,* an 85-year-old Israeli man, understand why the death of Jesus was necessary to reconcile us to God. The other day Eliezer said, ‘I am eager to have all my sins forgiven and to have peace with God, but I still can’t quite make the leap to give my life to Jesus.’ Please pray for Eliezer to trust in his Messiah for salvation and the abundant life.”

Long Island

Susan Mendelson reports, “Some time ago, I had the opportunity to have a literature table at an outdoor concert. This came as a result of a court case I had won for free speech. I wasn’t sure it would be as effective as handing out tracts, but Susan Perlman, who had been visiting the branches during that time, encouraged me to give it a try. It turned out to be great! I made contact with many Jewish people and we had a very good presence.

“Since then, I have explored opportunities to have information tables at some of the local malls. I began asking about costs, and was surprised to find that one of the property companies had made provision for non-profit organizations! I recently had my first table at one of the malls on Long Island. Two of our missionary trainees, Sarah Ascher and Rebekah Smith, came out from Manhattan to help. We had about 30 conversations, 17 contacts, including three Jewish seekers. I look forward to seeing what other tables I might be able to secure in the months to come.

Los Angeles

Ofer Levy reports: “Years ago, Charles, a Los Angeles based-Jewish artist, made a sculpture of Moses’ brazen serpent (Numbers 21:1-35) and began to read the Bible. When we recently met, I explained to him that the brazen serpent was a picture of Messiah, intended to draw us to His saving work on the cross. Charles and I are currently meeting to discuss and study the Bible together in light of Jesus’ Messianic claims.

“Eilon is an Israeli I met at a local store. Eilon first came to Dallas, Texas, about ten years ago before he moved to Los Angeles. There he met Tzachi Danor, who now serves with our Israel branch. Tzachi zealously shared Jesus with Eilon, and ever since it has sparked in Eilon an interest to study the Hebrew Bible. I am grateful for the opportunity to regularly meet and share the good news of Yeshua with Eilon. Please pray for both these men to come to know Yeshua as their Savior and Lord.”

* not their real names