Rahel Landrum reports, A Jewish person arrives at a Shavuot party and sees his rabbi sitting down and biting into a big slice of cheesecake. ‘Rabbi, he asks, why do we eat cheesecake on Shavuot?’ ‘Do you need a reason to eat cheesecake?’ the rabbi replies.

“Indeed some things don’t require a reason, but other things we do need to investigate. I don’t mind when Jewish people I witness to also go to a rabbi to inquire about Jesus. Jesus encouraged people to ask questions.

“Paul (not his real name) doesn’t want to meet in person yet, but wants to talk on the phone from time to time. Once he called me right after a conversation with a rabbi. He’d told the rabbi that he is interested in Jesus, but as a Jewish person, he feels he should not believe. The rabbi became angry that Paul was even considering Jesus. Paul told him: ‘Okay, give me reasons why I shouldn’t believe in Jesus; I want to be convinced.’ He felt the rabbi didn’t give him any substantial reasons as to why he should not believe. I answered Paul’s questions as best as I could. I told him how Jesus fulfilled the sacrificial system set by God and was the center of Judaism when the Temple stood in Jerusalem before A.D. 70. Paul said it makes sense, but he is still not willing to take the leap of trusting Jesus. Please pray for his salvation.”


Bruce Rapp reports: “Logan is a Jewish believer I have been meeting with and discipling for almost three years. He is incarcerated for a life term at Arizona State Prison, where I baptized him about two years ago (that was awesome!). Logan now leads a Messianic Shabbat service of ten to fifteen men at the prison complex. I go in and lead them and two other groups once a month. Not long ago, I was able to get clearance for Blue Mosaic, our evangelistic music team, to come into the prison and share their ministry at all three Shabbat group services. Logan wrote after the concert:

Dear Bruce,
Wow! What a beautiful gift you brought us this past Shabbat. Blue Mosaic was I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E! Everybody is still talking about it. God is so amazing. God willing, when your schedule permits, we can arrange for a day of celebration involving baptisms and music. Let me know your thoughts on the idea, and if I can do anything to help, let me know.

Anyway, I’ll keep this short. I wanted to say thank you again for everything. You have given me so much joy in the past years. I thank our God all the time for bringing you to my life. God bless the Rapps and Jews for Jesus.
Because of Yeshua,


Barry B. shares: “Moishe is a 94-year-old Jewish man that Ziggy and I have been visiting for a year or two. Moishe recently complained of lack of sleep and that his eyes were tearing. I was prompted to share Revelation 21 with him. I explained God’s bright future for all believers in the New Jerusalem. No more pain or tears! Moishe was touched. Then I explained about heaven and hell, and invited Moishe to pray a prayer with me to receive Jesus into his life. We prayed the prayer of repentance together, and Moishe said he was expectant to see how Jesus would respond. I encouraged Moishe to keep listening to his audio Bible, talking to Jesus and asking Him questions. I thank God for allowing Ziggy, me and many prayer warriors to help Moishe come into the kingdom of God.”

Kata Tar reports: “The sortie at Liverpool Station was almost over. It was rush hour, and people were not stopping to speak to us, although they were taking our gospel tracts. At the last moment a policeman, David, came to me with a big smile on his face. He eagerly searched through his pockets, then presented the leaflet he had just received from us. He told me that he was Jewish and interested in Jesus. We had a good conversation and I invited David to Havurah, our monthly Sabbath meeting. When he comes he will be able to meet up with one of our missionaries and chat more.”