Announcements and Prayer Request

We are pleased to announce a book deal with Thomas Nelson for the publication of Moishe’s long awaited biography!

You probably already have some of Thomas Nelson’s books on your shelves at home or church. The Nelson Study Bible (which acknowledges Moishe as one of the contributors to their study notes), is among their excellent offerings, as is the biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. The opportunity to partner with this fine publishing house is a real answer to prayer: thanks to all of you who had a part!

Please continue to pray as the manuscript goes through the processes of editing, design and printing, that God will guide all concerned to produce a book that glorifies Him and turns hearts to His way.

We are unable to give a release date, but will certainly keep you posted!

Here’s a cutting edge way for you to be involved in our New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign from your own home!

We need people who can volunteer time on the Internet to share the gospel with those we meet on the New York City campaign. Become part of the N.E.T. (Network Evangelism Team) by registering here:

Subject: From Frum* and Hateful to Free in Christ

I, for a number of years would call [and email Jews for Jesus] and leave vulgar messages. I want to apologize. I come from a Sephardic Conservadox background and I was very hateful to Jews for Jesus and other Hebrew Christian ministries. I since then, have come to faith (just before Shavuot last year), and have just finished watching the memorial service of a true saint, Moshe Rosen. I am saddened for the pain I caused you, and I am saddened that I could not have talked to him and expressed my sincere apology. I am sure that in Olam Haba, [the world to come] … I can give him a big hug and apologize. I, myself will be in ministry … and want to pay respect to Moishe who did so much for the cause of making our King known to our people. Again I apologize, and I thank you all for your wonderful work you are doing for our people.
Shalom b’Yeshua Malkeynu [Peace in Jesus our King],

*Frum is an adjective used to refer to religiously observant Jews.

Prayer Prompters

Please pray for

  • An outpouring of the Holy Spirit, that He will use and infuse us as we tell Jewish people and others around the world about Jesus
  • our Summer Witnessing Campaign training and for the campaign itself
  • our Chicago branch as they reach out to those attending Taste of Chicago, an annual festival which draws some three million participants over a ten day period.
  • Our Washington, D.C. branch (more specific prayer requests here)
  • God’s grace in helping us to raise up the next generation of Jews for Jesus
  • God’s grace for the next generation of Christians and Christian leaders to understand the importance of missions; that they understand the need to bring the message of the gospel to the lost, including Jewish people
  • salvation for Michelle, Estelle, Harry and Sam in Washington DC; salvation for Paul in Sydney, and Moishe and David in London; continued blessing for JB Logan in Phoenix, and ongoing fruitful ministry at the Arizona State Prison
  • God’s oversight and guidance in the process of publishing Moishe’s biography

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