Stewart and Shoshanna Weinisch

Stewart Weinisch was raised in the Bronx, New York, where he attended an Orthodox synagogue. At his bar mitzvah Stewart silently promised God, I am going to find out who you are.” Seven years later Stewart came to faith in Jesus through the witness of faithful believers. He received his theological training at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago before entering full-time Jewish ministry. For the last 25 years, Stewart has served as a missionary and congregation planter in the New York City metro area, South Florida and, most recently, South Carolina.

Stewart met Shoshannah Tilleman in 1984 and they were married two years later. The Weinisches have two adult children, Melissa and Jonathan.

Responding to a sense of urgency to proclaim the gospel to Jewish people in New York City again, Stewart and Shoshannah recently returned there to serve as missionaries with Jews for Jesus.

His wife explained, “In May of 2009, Stewart sat me down and said he felt we needed to return to the front lines of direct ministry in New York City. And voila—Josh Sofaer expressed a need, we heard about the need, called Josh and here we are!”

Stewart is glad to be “back home” in New York. He likes baseball, and cold weather and fresh water fishing. His passion is evangelism and discipleship.

Shoshanna Weinisch was born into a Jewish family in Detroit, Michigan. After high school she went on an eight-year spiritual quest that led her to San Francisco. There she saw Jews for Jesus posters and began tearing them down, declaring, “These people aren’t Jewish! You can’t be Jewish and believe in Jesus.” But God has a sense of humor—and in 1980 a Jews for Jesus missionary led her to faith.

Shoshanna attended Northeastern Bible College in New Jersey. During that time, she volunteered on a Jews for Jesus summer witnessing campaign in New York City. There she met her future husband, Stewart, who was handing out tracts with Chosen People Ministries at the same place (in front of Bloomingdale’s) and at the same time (a Saturday afternoon). Shoshannah has served as worship leader and taught women’s Bible studies while raising the couple’s two children, Melissa and Jonathan.  She loves sharing her faith in Jesus and encouraging younger women in their walk with the Lord.

Tzachi and Sarah Danor

Tzachi is a native of Akko, Israel and grew up as his mother’s only child in a large, extended Moroccan Jewish family.  After completing his military service, Tzachi pursued a new life in the United States in Dallas, Texas.  He struck up a friendship with a committed Messianic Jewish woman who introduced him to many other believers in Jesus, regular study of the Scriptures and, ultimately, recognition of Y’shua (Jesus) as the promised Jewish Messiah.  His mother’s illness back in Israel brought Tzachi back as a new believer in Y’shua.  As she recovered, Tzachi became involved with various Messianic ministries in Israel. While serving at a new congregation planted by the Tents of Mercy ministry, Tzachi was part of an evangelistic team sharing the Good News on the streets in Akko.  During this time he became acquainted with a couple who were serving with Jews for Jesus. They invited him to apply for an internship with Jews for Jesus in Tel Aviv.  Since then he has served on each of our Behold Your God Israel campaigns in 2008 and 2009, as well as the 2008 and 2009 London Campaigns, and the 2009 Toronto Campaign.

Tzachi married his wife Sarah in August 2009, and began missionary training in Tel Aviv in 2010.  In describing her husband, Sarah says, “Tzachi loves his food and his life ‘charif’ —spicy!”  He is a loyal soccer fan of the Israeli team Maccabi Haifa. He also loves cooking and serving spicy Moroccan food for his friends and loves all people and things related to Texas, which is where he became a believer in Yeshua.

Sarah Galiley Danor also serves as a missionary trainee in Jews for Jesus’s Tel Aviv, Israel branch. As the granddaughter (and great-granddaughter!) of Jewish missionaries, Sarah embraced Y’shua as her Messiah when she was a child.

Sarah first became familiar with Jews for Jesus in the 1970s when her cousin Martha Brickner (now Jacobs) was serving with Jews for Jesus’s traveling drama team, The New Jerusalem Players.  Later, when Sarah and her sister were poring over their parents’ wedding album and guest book from the 1950s, they discovered Moishe Rosen’s name among the wedding guests!

During a career in education, Sarah devoted her summer vacations to various ministry projects, including serving as a prayer intercessor for two Jews for Jesus campaigns.  In 2007, she resigned her teaching position in response to a strong spiritual impression that God had something new for her.  While serving in a temporary administrative capacity at Jews for Jesus’s New York City branch, she joined a team doing an outreach in Tel Aviv, where she met Tzachi. Prior to joining us full-time as a missionary trainee, Sarah was a campaigner on three Behold Your God Israel campaigns, as well as on London and New York City Summer Witnessing Campaigns.

With her background as a teacher working with children with autism and learning disabilities, as well as middle school Language Arts students, she has an array of problem solving, artistic and literary and skills. Sarah enjoys the beauty of God’s creation, and in the past has enjoyed creating and maintaining a flower, herb and vegetable garden. Now in Israel, she has found a whole new world of species to enjoy.

David Liebman

David is from California and grew up attending Jews for Jesus’s Camp Gilgal, which he says sowed a good deal of spiritual seed in his heart. He adds, “In high school I wasn’t walking with the Lord and a two-week trip with Jews for Jesus to Israel (Project Joshua) was one of the big things God used to bring me back to Himself.” There David enjoyed worshipping God and studying the Bible with other believing young adults. He credits his time on Project Joshua with awakening a desire to devote his life to serving the Lord.

David had an extended internship at Jews for Jesus in New York City, while enrolled in Biblical Studies at Nyack College, a Christian liberal arts college. Beginning in 2005, David served on four of our New York summer witnessing campaigns, as well as campaigns in Paris, Israel and Arizona. He’s also participated on Massah, a Jews for Jesus program that brings college-aged Jewish believers in Jesus to Israel, and then on to other countries such as India and Thailand where they meet and share their lives and their faith with similarly aged Israeli backpackers.

David enjoys hiking and likes to be active, but is also happy to sit down to a good solid study of the Bible and theology. He plays the bass guitar and the drums. David is currently an associate staff member in our Phoenix branch as he studies in seminary.


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