From Karl deSouza: “Recently I was getting quotes for a ministry van at a local dealership. When the dealer asked me what company I worked for, I replied that I work for a religious organization called ‘Jews for Jesus.’ The dealer exclaimed, ‘I’m Jewish!’ I had an opportunity to tell him what Jews for Jesus is about. Dan was surprised to learn that there were Jews in Pakistan and that he actually met a Jew for Jesus. He recounted that just the previous week his ex-girlfriend, while visiting New York City, had sent him an e-mail with a picture of our Jews for Jesus building in Manhattan—simply to get a reaction from him—and now a Jew for Jesus was actually sitting in front of him. Dan said he was going to describe our encounter to his dad, who he would be seeing later that day. Please pray God uses this ‘coincidence’ to draw Dan to Jesus.

“During the Behold Your God Montreal outreach in 2005, Helen gave one of our team members her contact information. I spoke with Helen between 2005 and 2007 and even arranged to meet, but she seemed to have lost interest in spiritual matters. Recently, Helen called our Montreal office with a renewed interest in meeting up and knowing more about faith in Jesus from a Jewish perspective.”


Alison Barnett writes: “I have been visiting an Israeli lady, Revi, for the past couple of months. Imagine my joy when her Christian colleague, Eduardo, rang me late one Saturday evening to let me know that Revi had just committed her life to Jesus while at dinner with him. I was thrilled to hear how God had moved in her life. A couple of days later, Revi and I met and she told me how she had attended a church for the first time, following her step of faith, and how she had enjoyed the service. We have now started a Jews for Jesus discipleship course called, ‘Following Y’shua.’

Julia Pascoe says: “Many of our best contacts come from friends and relatives of Jewish believers in Jesus. One such man introduced me to his mom. During our first visit, Rita (not her real name) acknowledged that she had seen great changes in her son’s life, but let me know that she couldn’t understand why God allows suffering, nor did she understand or believe that sin was an inherent human problem. However, she was open to talking and we had a pleasant visit, during which I was able to share my story.

“I spoke with Rita several weeks later and to my amazement, she told me that deep down she thinks she does believe in Jesus, but she doesn’t understand how being Jewish and believing in Jesus go together. She has agreed to read one of our story books. Please pray that seeing how other Jewish people have come to faith, along with reading the Scriptures included in the book will speak powerfully to Rita. Pray that God will show her through His word that Jesus the Messiah took away our sins so that we can be reconciled to God, and that as she counts the cost, He will give her the grace to trust Him.”


Jeremiah Zaretsky reports: “Last week I had the privilege of observing a visit with a secret Hasidic believer. We picked Henry (not his real name) up on the corner of a certain street and drove a few minutes away.

“We pulled over on the side of the road and parked. There under the dim reading light in the van, I witnessed an amazing sight: a Hasidic Jewish man studying the text of the New Testament and learning about this Y’shua whom he had begun to trust. Yet towards the very end of our visit I could see how the enemy wanted to snatch that gospel seed from Henry’s heart and replace it with doubt and confusion.

“I had come into this visit with a perhaps nanve excitement yet I had ended the visit with a sober reminder that our battle is not against flesh and blood but against the spiritual rulers and powers. Oh, how we must lift up our contacts continually in prayer!”