Do you have a burden for the Jewish people to know their Messiah? How about an opportunity to help Jews for Jesus reach areas where we do not have a regular branch or outpost? If that catches your attention, we’d like you to prayerfully consider joining our special band of friends known as Co-Laborers in Messiah.

Co-Laborers in Messiah are specially trained Jewish and Gentile volunteers who represent Jews for Jesus in their communities. Some help fill the ranks in our witnessing campaigns. Others assist our missionaries who are out on tours. They also represent us at missions conferences, host Bible studies, and some speak at churches on behalf of our ministry. These extraordinary people are our eyes and ears in areas where we do not have a branch or outpost, and so they become an extension of who we are in their communities.

Here are a few instances of how our many CLIMs help and inspire us.

Elly Sherr, a co-laborer in Santa Fe, New Mexico reports,

“A few months ago I gave some broadsides (Jews for Jesus gospel tracts) to the women in my Bible study. Two months went by without any feedback, but recently one of the ladies asked for more. She told me that God had convicted her to witness to her Jewish neighbors. I gave her several pieces of material I felt would help her. She happens to live in a gated community with several Jewish friends nearby, which is interesting because there is no real ‘Jewish neighborhood’ in Santa Fe. Seems like God is opening some doors for me.”

Karen Myers, a co-laborer in La Mirada, California reports,

“Recently, Biola University’s Jewish Ministries, a student club of which I am the president, hosted a Jewish Evangelism Seminar. It was amazing! A total of 49 students showed up, engaged in the training, asked a lot of good questions, and discussed the need for witnessing to Jewish people. A number of them signed up to do outreach with the Los Angeles branch of Jews for Jesus.

“Biola University has a rich history in the early to mid 1900’s of Jewish Evangelism, but those efforts have dropped off in the past couple of decades. With this being the school’s centennial year, I am praying that the school will reclaim her heritage. I am so excited to be part of the renewed interest in the outreach to Jewish people, and looking forward to what the Lord will do.”

Mary Alan Woodward, co-laborer in Louisville, Kentucky reports,

“When Ann Coulter made her famous remarks last year about ‘perfecting’ Jews, I e-mailed letters to several news websites, including the National Review and The Jerusalem Post, in response to their articles complaining about her comments. I also sent one to my city newspaper. I pointed out Disraeli’s observation that ‘Judaism is incomplete without Christianity.’ I also mentioned Mendelssohn, Herschel and put in several of Vera Schlamm’s great comments. (Vera Schlamm came to faith in Jesus after surviving Nazi concentration camps.) The Jerusalem Post printed one of my letters in its ‘Must Read’ section.”

Norma Nill, an Internet co-laborer in Edmonds, Washington reports,

“Recently I was greatly encouraged to interact with a man from New York, who said he was Orthodox. He came into the Jews for Jesus chat room because he was curious after reading an article on Karol Joseph, (our Brooklyn branch leader), in a local newspaper. I asked him who he thought Jesus was. He said he wasn’t sure, but was trying to uncover the truth. He asked if I could find someone with Jews for Jesus in the New York area whom he could contact confidentially, by phone, who could understand his Orthodox life and help him over the obstacles. I e-mailed his contact information to the New York branch the next morning.”

Some of our co-laborers do street evangelism, but not all do. As you can see, some witness in our chat room over the Internet; others write letters, or help believers in their community understand the need for Jewish evangelism.

Is the Jews for Jesus Co-Laborer program for you? It might be if you are interested in Jews for Jesus, Jewish evangelism and getting the gospel out to the Jewish community worldwide. Every co-laborer invests ten hours a month serving in the area of his or her gifts—whether it be prayer, evangelism, hospitality, Bible studies, letter writing, chat rooms or administrative tasks—the possibilities are wide and varied depending on your interests and talents. Training consists of one week, all ground expenses paid in San Francisco. There is still room in this year’s class, to be held July 20-26, 2008.

If you’d like to know more, please send an e-mail to Carolyne Rohrig, Co-Laborer in Messiah Coordinator, by using this contact form or call her at 415-864-2600 extension 159.


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