June 2008 Newsletter (5768:10)

Passing It On Camp Style
June 1, 2008
Author: Matt Friedman

Camp Gilgal, the Jews for Jesus summer camp, was started in 1991 to provide a way for Jewish children, (most of whom are from believing families), to grow together in their own faith and identities as Jewish believers in the Messiah. There are three Camp Gilgal...

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WANTED! Trained Volunteers to be Co-Laborers in Messiah!

Do you have a burden for the Jewish people to know their Messiah? How about an opportunity to help Jews for Jesus reach areas where we do not have a regular branch or outpost? If that catches your attention, we’d like you to prayerfully consider joining our special...

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The Day Pentecost Was Fulfilled*
May 29, 2008

This month, the Festival of Pentecost will slip past most Jews and Christians unnoticed; yet it is one of the three most important Festivals in the Old Testament and it marks a pivotal point in the history of Christianity. Allow me to transport you back to that event,...

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Musing over Moishe’s Musings
Author: Ruth Rosen

Editor’s Note: I was getting the Newsletter ready after a two-week speaking tour and realized I had not given Moishe any lead time to write a “Musing” for this month. So I thought as a Pentecost reflection, I would “muse” over a couple of things I’ve often heard him...

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Bits from the Branches

Montreal Karl deSouza reports, “‘Sam’ is a Jewish man who found our website, looked up my itinerary and came with his wife to hear me speak at a local church. For the past two years, we’ve been studying Messianic prophecy, looking at Jesus’ claims, and talking about...

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