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Greetings! My name is Carolyne Rohrig and I am the Co-Laborer in Messiah Coordinator (CLIMCO) for Jews for Jesus.

Co-Laborers in Messiah are specially trained Jewish or Gentile volunteers who represent Jews for Jesus in their communities. Moishe Rosen came up with the idea 30 years ago, and since then these wonderful volunteers have made a huge difference in our ministry.

I began coordinating the program fairly recently, in February 2006. In that brief time, I have enjoyed serving alongside a variety of amazing people who inspire me with their creative ways of getting the gospel out to the Jewish people in their respective cities.

Our Co-Laborers in Messiah (CLIMs) have helped fill our ranks in many of our Behold Your God campaigns. They often assist our missionaries while out on Christ in the Passover tours, represent us at missions conferences, host Bible studies and do church presentations on behalf of the ministry. These extraordinary people are our eyes and ears in areas where we do not have a branch or outpost, and so they become an extension of who we are in their communities.

What I like most about my work is meeting interesting people who are passionate about Jewish evangelism and who want to be part of our team. That fuels my ministry and I am excited to see the Lord use us to enlarge His kingdom.

I would like you to meet just a few of our CLIMs.

Kristy Welles, co-laborer in Seattle, enjoys handing out tracts at shopping malls where, as she puts it, “a crossroads of cosmopolitan, business, homeless, and avant-garde people co-exist.” What amazes her is how people from all these walks of life are drawn to talk to her when they see her Jews for Jesus sweatshirt. She says, “Who we are and Whom we’re for always opens up conversations.” When she’s not doing street evangelism, Kristy is serving God as a nurse in one of the leading Seattle hospitals where she looks for ways to witness to her colleagues, a number of whom are doctors from a Russian- Jewish background.

If Reggie Douglas, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, isn’t on a campaign serving as Chief Steward, he’s home looking for ways to get the gospel to the Jewish people in his city. He takes advantage of major holiday seasons to recruit volunteers to do sorties, call Jewish people and send out mailings to tell them about the Messiah. Reggie then trains his recruits in Jewish evangelism, teaching them how to answer people’s objections and how to lead a person to faith. Reggie will be back in New York City this summer as Chief Steward—supervising all those wonderful people who keep our campaigners well-fed and their Jews for Jesus T-shirts fresh and clean!

Margarita, from Foster City, California, travels quite a bit on business, so it’s not unusual to spot her at airports wearing her handpainted Jews for Jesus jackets. “People stop me to ask where they can buy one,” she smiles. Margarita loves the opportunity of talking about the Lord to fellow travelers in planes, hotels and in taxis and everywhere else she goes. She always has literature to give away when the moment presents itself, so she is always on the lookout for the next divine appointment.

Not every co-laborer does street evangelism. Some, like Norma Nill from Edmonds, Washington and Cheryl Young from Cortland, Ohio, witness in our chat room over the Internet. Both Norma and Cheryl love the challenge and the excitement of hosting and talking to people about the Messiah. “You never know who’s going to come in and what’s on their minds, but the Holy Spirit is there with us and we have a marvelous time,” Norma says.

Is the Jews for Jesus Co-Laborer program for you? It might well be if you are interested in Jews for Jesus, Jewish evangelism and getting the gospel out to the Jewish community worldwide. Every co-laborer serves in the area of his or her gifts—whether it be prayer, evangelism, hospitality, Bible studies, letter writing, chat rooms or administrative tasks—the possibilities are wide and varied depending on your interests and talents. Training consists of one week, all expenses paid (except for travel) in San Francisco. This year’s class will be held August 12-18, 2007.

If you’d like to know more, please send an e-mail to Carolyne Rohrig, Co-Laborer in Messiah Coordinator, at: [email protected] or call her at 415-864-2600 extension 159.



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