It’s always good to have extra prayer for staff and branch transitions and we’ve got a few coming up. Many of you know that this year’s Summer Witnessing campaign is expanded as the capstone of our Behold Your God outreach. We will have nine campaigns running simultaneously and the outreach will include all of the boroughs of New York (more about this in next month’s newsletter).

Following the campaign, Karol Joseph, who has been training our new missionaries in New York since September 1998 will be opening a Jews for Jesus branch in Brooklyn. Robyn Wilk, who has been leading our San Francisco branch, is moving to New York this month and will be our new missionary trainer. Shaun and Crystal Buchhalter, who have also been serving in San Francisco, will be joining the New York branch later this month. Viktor Moiseyenko is the last remaining member of the branch, and he will continue his outreach to the Russian Jewish community of San Francisco under the supervision of Aaron Abramson, who is our new Minister-at-Large at our San Francisco headquarters. (Just remember that the SF branch and our international headquarters have been separate.) We will be temporarily folding the work of the San Francisco branch office into the headquarters. We won’t have the branch office here but will be continuing much of the ministry of that branch through a number of our missionary staff who serve at headquarters.

Bruce Rapp, who has been part of the leadership team in New York, will be opening an outpost in Phoenix in August. More news to come in the months ahead. Joshua Sofaer, who has been serving in New York as director of our East Coast youth ministries, will be taking over as branch leader in New York.

We hope that you will pray for Karol, Robyn, Shaun and Crystal, and the Rapp family as they make their moves to new places and new responsibilities. Please pray for Joshua as he takes on the responsibility of the New York branch. And pray for Viktor as he remains here with his family, and for Aaron and other HQ staff with the responsibilities of maintaining the branch’s ministry added to their plates.