Tatiana Bolotova reports, My husband and I came to visit a new Jewish believer named Yan, who recently fell seriously ill. His wife, Mirra—lso Jewish but not yet a believer—had always stayed in the kitchen during our visits, not interested in our conversation. But the last time we came, as we offered to pray for Yan, Mirra opened up. She participated in the conversation, listened to the Bible and prayed. She’d called herself an unbeliever up to that day, but at the end of the visit, she confessed she’d begun turning to God during Yan’s illness. Mirra hopes that the Lord will heal her husband. As we parted, she asked me to call her. Please pray for Yan’s health, and that God will open Mirra’s heart to Yeshua.”


Wendy Burton reports, “I was working late in the office when a Jewish believer named Judith called to ask us to witness to friends of hers. I asked when she had become a believer in Jesus and she told me she it was quite recently. I was so excited when she said to me, ‘I came to faith at your Jews for Jesus Rosh Hashanah service, where I was taken by a loving Christian friend.’

“Judith found the Rosh Hashanah service very moving, and when the message was over, she joined in prayer to receive Jesus as her Messiah. Since then, she has joined a very welcoming and caring church and is growing in the Lord. She is very keen to come along and help us as we seek to make Jesus known. Please pray for her as she continues growing in her new faith.”

Los Angeles

Deni Hase reports, “A Christian named Carolyn called after finding one of our broadside tracts on the ground in Long Beach. The night before, Carolyn had had dinner with her Jewish friend, Andy, who was asking questions about Jesus. Finding our tract was an answer to her prayer for help in witnessing to Andy. Carolyn very much wants to get together with one of our missionaries and Andy to talk about Jesus. Please pray that Andy will be open to such a visit.”


Richard Muller reports, “Recently, an Israeli woman in Montreal contacted us through our web site. I phoned her and we had a long- distance visit. Michal is curious about the connection between Christianity and Judaism. I pointed out that the gospel was a natural extension of all that was promised by God through the Hebrew Scriptures. The next time I phoned her, she had gone and bought a Bible with both Old and New Testaments. She asked me to wait a month or so before calling again. Please pray that she will read her Bible in the meantime and will be eager to discuss the Messiah’s claims.”

The Liberated Wailing Wall

You may have seen them present our Jewish gospel music and drama, but the team also does campus evangelism throughout the United States. For example, team member David Abramsky reports, “At Texas A&M University (College Station, Texas) a Jewish man commented regarding Jesus, ‘I believe He existed and was a good rabbi. I was raised with that idea and I like it.’ I then replied, ‘Yes, we like to stick with what’s familiar and comfortable. In fact I used to hold that view, too. But the evidence shows that Jesus is either the Son of God, a liar or a lunatic.’ He then said, ‘Evidence? You mean the Bible?’ ‘Yes,’ I said, ‘but many non-biblical sources as well. I urge you to explore for yourself!’ He seemed thoughtful and thanked me before going on his way.

“At the University of Arizona (Tucson) I spoke to Tyler, a Jewish student who took a broadside (tract), and said that he thought Jesus did NOT fulfill Old Testament prophecy (even though he admitted to not reading the Scriptures). I said, ‘Many rabbis will tell you that, but it is not true. Why not find out for yourself?’ I shared my story and he agreed to receive literature on Jesus. Please pray for Tyler, that his interest will be piqued and that he will explore the Truth for himself.”