June 2005 Newsletter (5765:10)

An Open Letter to the Family of Jewish Believers in Jesus
June 1, 2005

*You have the right newsletter and we would very much like for our family in Christ who are not Jewish to read this as well. In fact, if this were only for our Jewish readers, we would print it in a different publication. But because all our readers care about what is going on with…

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The BYG Pic

Behold Your God Marseilles! Marseilles is the second largest city in France with one million people nestled around the Mediterranean Sea. It is home to some 70,000 Jewish people—roughly 8% of the population. And of course many of the tourists who flock to the beaches and other attractions are also Jewish. What you may not…

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Messianic Field Guide
Topics: shavuot

Many in the Body of Christ have shown great interest in Jewish believers in Jesus, the Jewish roots of Christianity etc. And many have come to us with their questions. While David Brickner’s three-part open letter may address some of these questions, we have been working on a more comprehensive look at the various aspects…

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Shavuot, the Feast of Weeks: is it Jewish or Christian or both?

Is Shavuot a Jewish holiday or is it the birthday of the Christian church? It’s both! Find out more about the origins and the fulfillment of this biblical holiday.

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Recipe for Blintzes

As mentioned, it is traditional to eat dairy products when celebrating Shavuot, and cheese blintzes are a great favorite. The Jews for Jesus Family Cookbook (*available through Purple Pomegranate Productions) offers the following tempting recipe for these yummy crepes. If you don’t cook but live near a Trader Joe’s, the ones in their frozen section…

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The Reflections on the Book of Ruth

Ed: In November, a friend of ours named Jean Kowell wrote the following, which I have been saving to share with you in conjunction with Shavuot. As mentioned, the book of Ruth is traditionally read at this time and I thought you would appreciate Jean’s insights. As with any analogy, it is important to appreciate…

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A Windblown Seed

Ed: We hope you know that while we are making Jesus an unavoidable issue to our Jewish people worldwide, we do not avoid preaching the Word to Gentiles! The following story shows how God sometimes blesses the gospel seed we sow in rather unexpected ways. One day I was handing out tracts in Glebe, in…

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Witnessing Through Your Children’s Faith
Author: Jeff Cohen

When I first became a father, I was excited to experience the world again through the eyes of a child.” Shortly after our oldest son Josh was born, we moved to a new home just north of Philadelphia. I remember our first trip to the Philadelphia Zoo, and how I enjoyed watching my enthralled son….

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Bits from the Branches

Dnepropetrovsk Tatiana Bolotova reports, My husband and I came to visit a new Jewish believer named Yan, who recently fell seriously ill. His wife, Mirra—lso Jewish but not yet a believer—had always stayed in the kitchen during our visits, not interested in our conversation. But the last time we came, as we offered to pray…

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