I was fighting disappointment, having realized my Christ in the Passover presentation was not to be for the entire congregation, but only for the children in the confirmation class. I like teaching children, but I also wanted to win the friendship of some of the adults in the congregation for our ministry. Little did I know of the appointment that God had waiting for me.

Right away the pastor told me that one of the church members would be bringing some of the Passover items. He told me her husband was Jewish and not a believer. The wife and daughter attended the church and the daughter was in the confirmation class. To my delight, the husband, Mr. Goldberg, came to the presentation also, and immediately engaged me in conversation. By the time I started the Passover program, I felt like I had already talked my heart out.

Mr. Goldberg sat right in the front row and listened attentively. Divine wisdom had brought him to this class of children that night, because I was able to depart from the regular Passover script” and give a very simple, clear presentation. As I allowed the children to interact and interrupt with questions, there was no way Mr. Goldberg could miss the symbolism and significance of the presentation.

Afterwards, the Goldbergs stayed to talk to me for awhile and Mr. Goldberg gave me his business card for future contact. What an unusual blessing the evening turned out to be. I was reminded once again to never be disappointed with anything small when it’s from the Lord. You never know how He’ll add His increase to it.