Our next Behold Your God campaign is set for next month, God willing! Joseph Steinberg, who directs our UK work, will lead the campaign assisted by Larry Dubin of our Washington, D.C. branch. The campaign begins with training from July 2 to 4, and will continue from July 5 to August 2.

We are excited that at the time of this writing, some 30 people are slated to participate each week. These people are from all over the world: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Ukraine, Russia, Denmark, Norway and the USA.

This will be the biggest campaign we have ever endeavored to bring to London, a hardened and needy cosmopolitan city with a broad mix of people from many lands, cultures and religions. Not only will we be reaching out to the 330,000 Jewish people who live in this great city, but we will also be making the Messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue for the rest of the seven million people who live there.

The challenges

1. There are no First Amendment rights in the UK. To some degree, we are at the mercy of the local police each time we hand out tracts in public. If they feel we are in the way or that our presence is a disturbance, they have the power to move us to places where it is far more difficult to reach people.

2. The Jewish community in the UK is very tightly knit and news travels fast—which can work for good or ill in terms of anti-missionary forces. Our challenge is to make this an advantage no matter what.

We hope to be the first BYG city to have major evangelistic showings of the video now in progress that deals with Jesus as the only hope for peace in the Middle East. We have scheduled two evangelistic video events for lunchtime in the heart of the business district in London. We are also planning an evangelistic evening event with Jewish Christian author, now Jews for Jesus staff member, Stan Telchin.

Next month we will include a bookmark to help you hold BYG London up to the Lord in prayer.