Meet the Stamms

Larry Stamm was raised in a Reform Jewish home in Florida. He was bar mitzvah at age 13 and confirmed at 15. He always believed in God, but like many, his religious experience was mostly a matter of social and cultural events and tradition. It wasn’t until he came to know Yeshua (Jesus) in 1997 that his Jewish heritage found a deeper meaning within the context of a personal relationship with the God of Israel.

Two key people witnessed to Larry. A friend name Greg told him about Jesus during his senior year in college and posed a serious question that affected Larry deeply. Do you know where you came from, do you know who you are and do you know where you are going when you die? Then in September of 1997, a gentleman on an airplane witnessed to him and challenged Larry to ask the God of Israel to show him whether Jesus is the Messiah. Larry said a simple prayer doing just that. In the months that followed he began to see things he had never noticed before that pointed to Jesus. That December, on the beach, God opened his eyes and Larry prayed to receive Jesus.

Larry is a graduate of the University of Florida with a B.A. in telecommunications. He also has an M.A. in physical education from East Tennessee State University.

Though Larry is new in terms of his missionary training, he is not new to Jews for Jesus. He participated in our New York Summer Witnessing Campaign in 1997 (where he met his wife, Lori), worked at our headquarters following the campaign and then in 1998/99 he toured with The Liberated Wailing Wall. (Larry plays guitar and sings baritone.)

He and Lori married in October, 1999. They decided to take a year to settle into their marriage and pray about where God wanted them to serve. During this interim, Larry was an assistant tennis coach at East Tennessee State University. Both Larry and Lori felt that God was calling them back to serve Him through Jews for Jesus and they moved to New York to begin training in January, 2003.

Lori was born and raised in New Jersey, the oldest of three daughters. Her maternal grandmother was Jewish. When Lori was 5, her mother’s brother came to faith in Jesus and through his witness, Lori’s mother and father came to faith. They began taking their daughters to church and, at age 7, Lori responded to a Sunday School teacher’s invitation to receive Christ. She was too shy to raise her hand when the teacher gave the invitation, so she tugged on her shirt after class and told her that she wanted to ask Jesus to be my Savior.” Immediately she felt changed. She wanted to witness to friends, to read the Bible and to pray. She walked very closely with the Lord throughout her childhood and teen years until her father passed. Her life was in spiritual turmoil for about one year, but at the end of that time, she felt the Lord drawing her back. Her faith was renewed in a deeper and fresher way.

Lori attended two years of Bible college and then transferred to Rutgers University (NJ) where she studied philosophy and art history and graduated with a B.A. in philosophy. She served in our Ministry-at-Large department in San Francisco from 1995 to 1999. In 1997, she went on Summer Campaign and met Larry.

The Stamms have a year-old son, Elijah Baruch, and are expecting their second child in October.

We hope you will keep the Stamm family in your prayers!


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