Here are a couple of snippets from last year’s campaign in St. Petersburg:

From volunteer Sharifa Nasretdinova, The third time I bumped into Victoria, I said, ‘Do you know what the odds are of us running into each other on three separate occasions, in three different places within three weeks in a city of five million!’ ‘This is a miracle,’ she said, ‘and this time I want to invite Jesus into my life.’ We prayed together, and she did just that.”

Emma Anatoly reported, “I went to a sortie (tract-passing expedition) at the metro station “Prospect Prosveschenia.” There I gave a Jewish lady a tract with a story about Jesus. She responded by saying that she had been thinking about Jesus and wanted to please Him. I told her the good news and Tamara received it in her heart. She repeated a prayer of repentance with joy.”

Tamara is one of 84 Jews and Victoria is one of 207 Gentiles who responded in faith to the gospel proclaimed in St. Petersburg last summer. Pray for the spiritual safekeeping of these two and of others who will hear the gospel.


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