From London, office worker (and former Liberated-Wailing-Waller) Paula Cummings reports, I presented Christ in the Passover at a small church in South London. Midservice, a woman entered with three children. She seemed to be listening very intently. By the end of the presentation she was crying. The service concluded and the pastor was talking to her. Then he came to tell me, ‘You might like to talk to this lady; she has just asked Jesus into her heart and she is Jewish.’ It turned out that Janet came from an Orthodox background. A group of Christian friends had taken her to church a few years ago, but she had lost touch with them. Recently however, her son had been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome and Janet began praying to Jesus—but had no idea why! Then she was walking past this church on Saturday night, heard music and singing and went in to investigate. The people, not knowing she was Jewish, invited her to come to the following day’s service to hear their ‘guest speaker.’ Janet came and could not believe her eyes. She said, ‘I have been celebrating Passover all my life and had no idea that Jesus, the one I have been praying to, had anything to do with it…it all makes sense!’ Praise God for churches large and small, where He brings people together at just the right time.”

Mikhail Vayshengoltz reports good news from Kharkov concerning a fruitful five-day outreach in March. Seven people handed out 51,000 gospel tracts and spoke to 26 Jews and 29 Gentiles who gave their names and addresses to hear more about Jesus. Please pray for the follow up.

From Dnepropetrovsk, Sergei Koulakov reports, “On my first visit with a Jewish woman named Anna, I discovered that she had already heard about Jesus and had visited an evangelistic church several times. But when I asked, ‘Have you repented of your sins and received Jesus into your heart?’, she said she had not. As we talked, Anna said she realized that she was a sinner and she wanted to receive God’s gift of salvation—which she did!”

From Washington D.C., Nici Smith reports, “I have been visiting with May, the grandmother of a missionary friend from another ministry. May is 96 years old! When I asked what she needed prayer for, she said, ‘For the turmoil inside me. I need peace.’ I told her that she needs to make peace with God and receive His forgiveness for her sins. She was still adamant about not believing in Jesus, so I suggested that she pray, acknowledging her need for God to show her how to find peace. She began to repeat a prayer after me and before long she burst into her own prayer. Seconds later while still praying she fell asleep peacefully. Please pray that she would soon find true lasting peace through Yeshua!”

Also from D.C., David Rothstein reports, “Two people I’ve been meeting with have become spiritually open as a result of close brushes with death. Alvin has prayed to receive Jesus, but needs prayer to be cleansed of certain New Agey notions. Tom seems open to the gospel and I hope he will soon come to faith.”

From New York, missionary Mitch Forman reports, “Ross is a Jewish believer friend of mine who works with a man named Mark. Mark has a reputation as a rather intimidating person, in contrast to Ross, who is very gentle. Ross was actually a ‘tough guy’ from the Bronx, but his faith has made him a calm and caring person. When Mark told Ross that he envied the peace that he had, Ross suggested that Mark call me. We have had two visits. The first time, Mark stood outside the office for a while, hesitating to come in. Yet when he did, he was very open to hear the gospel. By the end of the visit, he prayed to God to open his heart. The next time we met, he asked Jesus to take away his sins and give him a new life.”

Also from New York, trainee Amy Etinger reports, “I set out to do my usual weekly evangelistic phone calling. But this night was different from all other nights. The first person I contacted, a Jewish woman named Frances, gave her life to Jesus!”