David Mishkin spoke to a group of Russian Jews in San Jose, California. Afterwards, a man named Efim approached him and said that he had seen the Jesus film in Russian. When David asked if he believed Jesus is the Messiah, Efim said, Yes,” and, with an interpreter, he followed David in a prayer to receive the Lord.

A few weeks later, David returned with Lev Leigh (who is now leading the San Francisco branch as David has moved to New York to help with the training program) and four more Russian Jews came to faith in Jesus: Rakhil, Rakhmeyel, Yevgeny and Sofia!

That same week, we showed the Russian Jesus film at our San Francisco branch. Ten Russian Jewish believers attended and so did five who do not yet believe. After the showing, four of the five who don’t yet believe stayed to talk to Viktor, our Russian outreach worker, about Jesus!

Avi Snyder is the overall coordinator of our ministry to post-Soviet Jews. He reports, “Davar is our evangelistic Russian publication and we use it for follow-up for Russian Jews we meet all over the world. We are also making it available to Christians who are witnessing to Russian Jews. Currently, 50 such Christian ministries and individuals receive Davar to aid in their own outreach to Russian-speaking Jews. Recently, a group in Israel called the ‘Galilee School of the Bible’ requested three hundred copies! A Russian pastor in Atlanta also requested materials from us for an upcoming outreach to an estimated 750 Russian-speaking Jews at his church!” If you know of Russian-speaking Jewish people who might be open to the gospel and you would like to give them a copy of Davar, please e-mail us and we will pass your request on to Avi Snyder.


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