Pray for the Summer Witnessing Campaigns!

Here are a few examples of how God worked on our New York Campaign last year. We know He delights to answer your prayers!

Hyman had been considering contacting Jews for Jesus so it was no coincidence that he ran into Rob Wertheim handing out tracts in Grand Central Station. Rob asked Hyman who he thought Jesus was. Hyman said he had been thinking Jesus was the Messiah but was unclear as to what that would mean to him personally. Rob quoted Romans 10:9 and invited him to pray to ask Yeshua into his heart. And he did! Praise God! Pray that Hyman will grow in his new relationship with the Lord.

Jay was a backslidden Christian who happened” to meet two of our Campaigners, Elmer and Nici, on their way to the Brooklyn Promenade. After hearing about Jay’s situation, Nici asked if they could pray for him. Elmer prayed that God would provide for Jay’s physical, spiritual, and social needs and in particular, that He would help Jay find a job. Ten minutes later he came running down the street saying, “Hey I got a job!” He recognized that it was a direct answer to prayer. We hope that was the beginning of good things to come in Jay’s walk with the Lord.

Leah was handing out tracts at 34th Street and 3rd Avenue when she ran into Jesse, who said he didn’t have time to talk because he had just lost his wallet. Leah offered to pray that he’d find his wallet. Later she was handing out tracts at Rockefeller Center and Jesse crossed the street to tell her that he’d found his wallet. Leah commented that she didn’t think it was coincidence. Jesse commented, “First you’re standing by where I live, now you’re standing by where I work. Maybe God is trying to get my attention.”

Greg R. was on a sortie at 34th and Broadway when a man walked up to David (the anti-missionary trying to divert people from Greg) and began speaking to him. Says Greg, “I don’t know what they talked about but the next thing I knew, the man, whose name is Frankie, came up to me and said he wanted to know more about Jesus and how to have eternal life. I explained the gospel to Frankie (who was not Jewish) and we prayed right there on the spot. I didn’t even have to do anything, he was just looking for someone to pray with. I just praise God for that because he was just looking to get saved. And God did all the work.”

Jonathan was on our Halutzim program last year. Halutzim is a Jews for Jesus teen program that interfaces with the Campaign for several sorties each summer. Jonathan was handing out tracts at 72nd and Broadway when he met Lisa. “I had just prayed that we would have more open conversations with Jewish people and the next person I handed a tract to was Lisa.” Jonathan spoke to Lisa who was inclined to believe that Jesus died for her sins and rose from the dead. But she was still confused about how she could be Jewish and believe that Jesus is the Messiah. She gave Jonathan her name, address and phone number and was eager to hear from one of our staff to get answers to her questions.

Batya is a young Orthodox woman who was very interested in Jesus, but feared her husband would be angry if we contacted her. Fortunately, the Campaigner she “happened” to run into, Eran, is an Israeli who also came from an Orthodox background. Eran explained the gospel to Batya, who had enough courage to stand and talk to a Jew for Jesus—in a Jewish area—even though she was afraid someone might see her. She took a New Testament and promised to read it. Please pray for Batya.


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