Do missionaries struggle with pride? You bet we do! Branch leader Garrett Smith reports from Washington, D.C., When Dan, a ‘Jewish atheist,’ began to debate angrily with me over God and the Bible, I became more interested in winning the debate than sharing the gospel. Afterwards, I was convicted, so I apologized for my tone and asked if Dan would be willing to have a civilized discussion over a cup of coffee. He gave me his email address and we have since corresponded. We haven’t met personally yet because he has been ill—he even joked that maybe God is punishing him. Please pray for a future meeting with Dan.”

Delayed reaction? Branch leader Jonathan Bernd reports from London, “A Jewish man named Mark came into our shop. He had watched me on television over a year ago, debating a Reform rabbi, and has thought about contacting us ever since. It became clear during the conversation that Mark was from a very Orthodox background. He gave me his cell phone number but would not give me his surname, as he said I would know of his family (there are rabbis on his mother’s side from many generations back). He seemed genuinely open to the gospel and said he would meet with me again. Please pray he will.”

Answered prayer! Jonathan also reports on the first month of Messiah’s Shofar’s current tour in Germany: “The team has handed out 8,200 broadsides—and thus far, five Jewish people have received Yeshua. Thirty-five Jews and ten Gentiles have requested follow-up information from these sorties. (This is the highest number of Jewish contacts we have ever received on tour in Germany and it is only our first month!) Team members have had personal visits with 47 Jewish people (36 of whom are not yet believers). This is in addition to the 26 church meetings where the team has sung and given their testimonies. Please continue to pray!”

Missionary Chad Elliott reports from New York, “I was on a lunchtime sortie on Wall Street when Sam, a commodities broker, walked up and said, ‘OK, here’s the thing…I keep running into you guys everywhere! It’s either you or your ads—I’m starting to think that God is trying to tell me something!’ He listened intently while I explained the gospel. But, of course, he needs to ‘count the cost’ of such an investment before he makes his decision. He said he’d think it over and give us a call. Please pray for Sam’s salvation.”

Liberty in Jesus! From Moscow, outreach worker Valery Bolotov reports, “The sortie had just begun when a man approached me with a look of great relief, as though he had been searching for me. Anatoly had just finished serving 24 years in prison. Just before he was released, a friend told him about Jesus and instructed him to find believers when he got out. I was the first believer he met. As we talked, his face lit up with understanding and joy over God’s offer of forgiveness and salvation. We prayed, and, with wet eyes and great joy, he thanked God for totally setting him free. Please pray for Anatoly’s growth in the Lord.”

The book that keeps on giving…according to missionary Greg Savitt in Fort Lauderdale: “About a month ago, I visited Scott, a new Jewish believer who came to faith through the Future Hope Campaign. His Christian wife, Eileen, asked if there was a messianic bookstore in her area. I recommended ‘Jewish Jewels’ in Ft. Lauderdale. As a result, she went and discovered that they hold a Sunday night Bible study, to which she invited her Jewish mother-in-law, Elaine. After a few meetings, Elaine accepted Yeshua as her Savior! She now attends a solid church as well as the Sunday Bible study, and is actively witnessing in her Jewish apartment complex. Her Jewish husband is now starting to attend church. Praise God!”