A New Bus!

By the time you receive this, we should have our new Liberated Wailing Wall bus! For those of our newer friends, The Liberated Wailing Wall is Jews for Jesus’ mobile evangelistic music team. The team is 28 years old, and actually goes back before Jews for Jesus was officially incorporated. (Don’t worry; we change personnel every 18 months and, while some people choose to serve more than one term, we haven’t kept anyone on the road for 25+ years!)

Our old bus had 1.2 million miles on it and a whole lot of memories. The house on wheels” provided plenty of adventures and opportunities for ministry to the various churches where the team sang, as well as to the street corners and college campuses where our mobile missionaries stopped to hand out tracts or give an impromptu concert. The bus is outfitted with bunks so the team can cover plenty of ground after each presentation. At the same time, the huge Jews for Jesus lettering makes it a traveling billboard. Often, a bleary-eyed team member will “answer the door” late at night or early in the morning to speak to a curious passerby. Among the opportunities that touring with The Liberated Wailing Wall provides, the challenges of living in close quarters with one’s colleagues rank pretty high. People get to know one another and themselves quite well—both of which can be quite difficult—so they learn to depend more radically on God and on their teammates.

Thanks to the 1,500 or so people who gave to help us purchase this new bus. Please pray for the tradition of The Liberated Wailing Wall to continue and that God will continue using the team to touch many lives. Stay tuned to meet The New Liberated Wailing Wall via our newsletter in the next few months.


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