June 2000 Newsletter (5760:10)

Why We Campaign
June 1, 2000

I was a student in Boston when I handed out my first broadside (gospel tract) in 1976. I was scared. Standing there, clearly labeled as a Jew for Jesus, I was an easy mark for anyone who wanted to ridicule Jews or ridicule Jesus. You’d think that 24 years and...

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Search and Rescue
Author: Greg Savitt

I had not had a good day, but as I drove to Spike’s home I was looking forward to studying the Bible with him. Spike, whose given name was Marvin, was a new Jewish believer. I had the privilege of praying with Spike to receive the Lord in November 1999 after he...

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The Russian Front… in San Francisco and in Your Neighborhood?

David Mishkin spoke to a group of Russian Jews in San Jose, California. Afterwards, a man named Efim approached him and said that he had seen the Jesus film in Russian. When David asked if he believed Jesus is the Messiah, Efim said, Yes,” and, with an...

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A New Bus!

By the time you receive this, we should have our new Liberated Wailing Wall bus! For those of our newer friends, The Liberated Wailing Wall is Jews for Jesus’ mobile evangelistic music team. The team is 28 years old, and actually goes back before Jews for Jesus...

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Get Your Unlimited Anytime Minutes
Author: Ruth Rosen

We were laughing so hard I was afraid my parents might choke on their bagels. I’d picked up the bagels and schmear (schmear is slang for cream cheese, since that’s what you do to get it on the bagel). It’s become a tradition to bring my...

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Bits from the Branches

Do missionaries struggle with pride? You bet we do! Branch leader Garrett Smith reports from Washington, D.C., When Dan, a ‘Jewish atheist,’ began to debate angrily with me over God and the Bible, I became more interested in winning the debate than sharing...

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