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Imagine that you are going on a trip for a year and a half. All you can take with you is one suitcase and one carry-on bag. You will be living with five or six other people … on a bus! Not only that but the bus has Jews for Jesus” emblazoned in huge letters, so you are actually living in a mobile billboard. People will knock on the door at various times asking, “What is Jews for Jesus?”

If you can imagine all that, you’ve begun to imagine the life of The Liberated Wailing Wall, Jews for Jesus’ mobile evangelistic music team. The newest team launched out from San Francisco in late March. They’ve had a tough beginning. Two members caught the chicken pox just before the tour began, but even more, one team member’s father, who was ill, passed away just as she was flying back to say goodbye to him.

Please pray for The Liberated Wailing Wall, for health, strength, comfort amidst grief and for a wonderful sense of God’s presence and His purpose in their ministry.

Team members:


  • Michelle and Tovya Rose—If you’ve been receiving the Jews for Jesus Newsletter for long, you have probably read some of their missionary reports. Michelle and Tovya met at our New York branch, where both served as general missionaries before joining the team. 


  • Josh and Rosemary —the youngest members of the team also met through Jews for Jesus. Both served as junior counselors at Camp Gilgal, part of our youth ministry. 


  • Susan Stoller—worked in our Department of Mobile Evangelism before joining the team. She helped to schedule church meetings for various missionaries; now she is on the other end of the department: ministering in churches they have contacted! 


  • Lisha Levinson—our Brooklynite! She worked as a legal secretary before joining the team. 


  • Allen Erickson is our bus driver/soundman. Prior to joining the team, he was an OTR (over the road) truck driver.



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