From New York Avi Snyder reports, Vitaly, a Soviet-born Jewish man in his mid-twenties, immigrated to the States about seven years ago. The first five years were a downward cycle in which he dropped out of school, did drugs, suffered ill health and tried making ends meet as a part-time chess instructor. The good news is, Vitaly prayed to receive the Lord in New York! Please pray that Vitaly will grow strong in his faith.”

Also from New York, outreach worker Moshe Shuai reports, “My mother, Chana, who is a believer in Yeshua was recently diagnosed with cancer. I talked with my sister Odet (who is not yet a believer) about it on the telephone. I told Odet that I believe our mom will come through this, but if she doesn’t, I know she will go straight to heaven. Then I said a prayer for our mom in Yeshua’s name. My sister had never heard anyone pray spontaneously, not from the Hebrew prayer book. She told me that she was lifting her eyes to the hills, high to God as I was praying. I remembered the verse from Psalm 121:1,2 and quoted it to her. Please pray for my mother’s healing and for Odet’s salvation.”

Kina Forman (still New York) reports, “UJ Hillary L. was already interested in Jesus when she called our office. She had been listening to a Christian radio station and attending a local messianic congregation. When I explained that Jesus atoned for her sins, she replied, ‘I think I believe this.’ So Hillary prayed to accept Jesus as her sin bearer and Lord. Pray for her spiritual growth and for her father and her Jewish husband (who does not seem open) to be saved!”

Karol Joseph also reports from New York, “During my time with our Los Angeles branch, I led a Jewish man, Bruce, to the Lord. Bruce was in the end stages of AIDs and was not expected to live more than three months, yet I had the pleasure of knowing him for two years. When I moved to NYC I expected to miss his funeral. As God would have it, Bruce died the week that I needed to be in San Francisco for our Jews for Jesus Council meeting, so I was able to fly down and participate in his funeral after all. It was held at the church where Bruce was baptized and had faithfully attended for the rest of his life. Though his friends will miss him, we experienced real joy, knowing that Bruce is no longer trapped within a diseased body, but is now in the presence of the Lord. Thanks be to God!”

From San Francisco Headquarters Steve Wertheim reports, “My daughter Rebekah joined me on a speaking tour three years ago. An unbelieving Jewish man named Peter attended one presentation and we began talking about Yeshua. When the pastor called me away, Rebekah (who was eleven years old at the time) continued witnessing to Peter! I later sent him some literature. I’ve often wondered about Peter. Recently, Jeff, a seminary friend from 20 years ago told me that a member of his congregation in Albuquerque, NM remembered meeting one of our staff members at a church in Oregon back in 1996. As Jeff described this man, I quickly realized that he was talking about Peter! Sure enough, Peter is now a believer, growing in his faith and appreciative to Jews for Jesus for our part in leading him to the Messiah. Praise God!”

From London, branch leader Jonathan Bernd reports, “Three yeshiva bochers (students from a religious Jewish school) came into the shop accompanied by their secular Jewish friend. I suspect they are from a Lubavitch (ultra-Orthodox sect) centre just north of us. We had a long discussion about Jesus and they took away a New Testament, promising to read it for our next discussion. Please pray for David, Joel, Ezekiel and Andrew. This is the second group of young Orthodox Jews to come in recently. We wonder if the Lubavitchers are sending Jewish people to us to hear the good news!”

From Paris, Kate Fryer requests, “Please pray for Emily, an American Jewish woman, who is in my French class. She accepted the book Betrayed (an excellent story book which tells the story of a Jewish believer named Stan Telchin). Please pray that Emily will read it and continue to ask me questions about Jesus.”

Chicago missionary Lyn Bond reports, “Since moving from Dallas, my husband and I have made several trips back to check on the work there. On one such visit, a young woman, Karen introduced herself to me saying that she remembered a phone conversation in which I had told her about Jesus the Messiah. She recalled my story of coming to faith. Karen had recently prayed to accept Jesus as her sin bearer. She has been baptized and now has an active part in a local congregation.”