June 1999 Newsletter (5759:10)

Who Do You Need?
June 1, 1999

Many prominent ministries and churches have been scandalized by pitfalls such as moral failure and financial mismanagement. Behind most of these scandals lurks a common denominator—lack of accountability. Our generation celebrates personal freedom and autonomy....

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Jews for Jesus Accountability

To our mission family Our independent Board of Directors is comprised of people whose Christian character is evident, whose hearts are burdened for our work and whose unique insights enable them to carry out their considerable responsibilities. Our executive director...

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Meet Susan Mendelson

I hail from West Islip, New York. Yes, you pronounce it like I slip”—and we’ve heard all the jokes about falling down! Whoever named the town must have had a sense of humor because there are also the towns of East Islip, Central Islip and Islip Terrace as...

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The Liberated Wailing Wall

Liberated Wailing Wall | Albums | Downloadable Music Imagine that you are going on a trip for a year and a half. All you can take with you is one suitcase and one carry-on bag. You will be living with five or six other people … on a bus! Not only that but the bus has...

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Moishe Rosen Suggests Have Your Own Personal Witnessing Campaign!
Author: Moishe Rosen

Hey, if you don’t know any Jewish people, you can look in the phone book for surnames that are always Jewish: Cohen, Katz, Levy, Rosen (and anything that begins with Rosen, like Rosenberg, Rosenbloom or Rosenfeld). Decide how many people you want to call each...

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Saved from What?
Author: Josh Sofaer

Here is a glimpse of a typical conversation one of our missionaries had while witnessing to a Jewish woman. We hope these glimpses help you understand some of the roadblocks to faith and how they can be overcome. I think that I believe in Jesus, but I am Jewish. Can...

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It Takes a Team

Brian and Judith have been friends and supporters of Jews for Jesus for some time. They keep in touch with Joyce McArthur, our Indianapolis Co-Laborer in Messiah (trained volunteer) and they even hand out our broadsides (gospel tracts) from time to time. Brian was...

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