From the former Soviet Union, outreach worker Leonid Wasserman reports, One week, God blessed me with three people who prayed to accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord! First, there was Evgeni Naumovich. Not long ago, he received a phone call from a relative during one of our visits. Evgeni ended the conversation quickly, saying, ‘We’re busy now; we are learning about Jesus.’ Well, praise the Lord, Evgeni has made the step of faith and is now following Yeshua!

“For more than a year I’ve tried unsuccessfully to get in touch with Leonid Pavlovsky. I finally found him at home, (unexpectedly) and when we met he decided to ask Jesus into his heart!

“I thought it would be next to impossible to see Simon Borisovich because of his work schedule—and because it seemed that he was avoiding me. But while we may form our opinions, God is at work in people’s hearts. I finally met with Simon Borisovich and he too opened his heart to Jesus.”

From The Liberated Wailing Wall, Paula Cummings reports, “I’m learning that handing out tracts in various cities we visit is not our only form of evangelism. Our witness extends into the church as well! One Mississippi congregation was lively and enthusiastic, but my attention was particularly drawn to a man sitting in the back pew. Something inside me felt that he was Jewish and that the Lord was ministering to him through the service. I focused my attention and prayers on him throughout the evening. Later, he came to the sales table, took my hand and said ‘Tonight was one of the most moving experiences of my life—I was so uplifted by the way you looked directly into peoples’ eyes!’ Yes, Tom was Jewish, a very new believer in Jesus and somewhat confused about how his Jewishness fits with his faith in Jesus. He is a television producer from New York and had just flown in to Mississippi that morning! Coincidence? We don’t think so. I know that Tom left feeling more confident about his relationship with Jesus.”

New York branch leader Bob Mendelsohn reports from Cyberspace, “Allison e-mailed us from Kansas City because a man who is considering joining her congregation is dating a 29-year-old Jewish woman. Could I possibly help? Within 24 hours I was on the phone with Susie, who turned out to be very open to the gospel. We developed a quick rapport as she happens to be the assistant principal at Shawnee Mission East High School. (I graduated from that school the year she was born, 1969!) In an unrelated but overlapping story, while on line a couple of weeks ago I received an instant message from a Jewish man named Steve. Steve was a member of my high school graduating class. He is now a cardiologist in Oklahoma City. He found me through an Internet search because he was curious about old friends. Now he is curious about my best friend—Jesus.”

Outreach worker Diane Cohen reports from San Francisco, “When I first met Helen in January, I was impressed by her sincerity in trying to understand the gospel. Helen is a retired teacher with an inquisitive mind. I learned not to try to read too much Scripture in one visit because she had so many questions! She liked what Jesus said and did, but couldn’t accept his death for her sins.

“One of Helen’s children became a believer in Jesus years ago and it caused quite an uproar among the other siblings. Helen feared that she would alienate her unbelieving children if she suddenly told them she believed that Jesus was the Messiah! But when she read one of Jesus’ teachings from Matthew she understood that her relationship with God was more important than her childrens’ reactions. One by one, her questions were answered by Scripture, until finally I asked if she could think of any reason not to pray right now to make Yeshua her Lord and Savior. She couldn’t, so she did!

“The following week Helen told two of her unbelieving children about her new faith in Jesus, and there was no uproar, only curiosity. Please pray that Helen will find courage to share the Father’s love with her whole family.”