We thought it might help for you to get a glimpse of those moments when prayer means so much.

I literally couldn’t get up from the chair. It was the end of our chapel service during our third week of our 1997 Summer Witnessing Campaign. We had been going out on the streets six days a week, four sorties (tract passing expeditions) a day and this was the moment when I felt that I could not go out even one more time. The thought of leaving our air-conditioned center to go out into the Manhattan sauna,” stand on the corner and be confronted with apathy and/or hostility, seemed overwhelming. Most of the Campaigners were ready to leave. I just sat there and cried. One of my team members and another friend came by and tried to encourage me. They told me that God would get me through it, and victoriously at that. They prayed for me, then walked with me downstairs. As we left the building together, each took me by the hand and were singing with me for the few blocks that it took to get to our sortie site. Once there, we prayed again and two hours later, I was on my way back to the Center for our afternoon break. I wish I could tell you that someone came by and was willing to receive the Lord or that I met a Jewish person who was eager to hear more about Jesus. I just don’t remember. What I do remember is the power of prayer and how God was faithful to get me over that hurdle.

Just like Aaron and Hur lifted up Moses’ hands during Joshua’s battle against Amalek, God used my friends to uphold me. They didn’t tell me to “just get over it and get out there.” They rallied around me and trusted with me, or perhaps for me, that God would supply what I needed.

Last year during our Campaign chapel services, just about every day we would read aloud letters, faxes, and e-mail messages that you, our supporters, sent us. One woman told how her entire homegroup was praying for us daily. We loved hearing your notes of encouragement, and knowing of your prayers on our behalf and on behalf of the lost in New York City. Those prayers enabled us to hand out 1,072,197 tracts on last year’s NYC Campaign. We prayed with 300 people who began new lives in Jesus: 140 of those people were Jewish. Of the 6,576 people who gave us their names, addresses and phone numbers to hear more about Jesus, 2,469 were Jewish. Thanks to those of you who joined us in prayer, and I hope that even more friends will be praying with us this year!


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