Andrew Barron told our staff about a dream he had (the sleeping kind), and we thought you might enjoy hearing about it. Says Andrew, In the dream I was sitting at our office when [celebrity comedian] Jackie Mason’s lawyer called to say that Jackie had died and his will stipulated that I do the funeral. So I flew to Los Angeles, and the funeral was in the Crystal Cathedral. Everybody from Hollywood was there—but the only faces I remember seeing were that of Milton Berle and Woody Allen. I preached from the text ‘He is the Resurrection and the Life,’ and I invited anyone who wanted to receive salvation in Jesus to respond. Milton and Woody and the whole congregation came forward! I called Tuvya Zaretsky [our Los Angeles chief of station] and told him that I had 5000 new Jewish believers for him to follow up—and then I awoke!”

Editor’s note: When Moishe Rosen read about Andrew’s dream, he commented, “Probably none of the characters mentioned—except Tuvya Zaretsky—would consent to associate with Andrew Barron or Jews for Jesus. I think that Jackie Mason would go on living, no matter what, rather than have Andrew do his funeral in the Crystal Cathedral! Furthermore, why can’t Andrew just have the standard Jews for Jesus kind of dream—where Jesus comes back and brings us all home?”