My fourth New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign was a different experience for me. The previous three times, I served as a campaigner, one who spends all day out on the street talking to people about Jesus. During my fourth year on Campaign, I served as Chief Steward. The stewards are the behind-the-scenes people who do everything from laundry and cooking meals to packing tract bags. As Chief Steward, I oversaw the other eight stewards and made sure everything ran smoothly.

When I first heard about the assignment, I was filled with mixed emotions. First of all, I was glad because I really love Campaign and I was happy for the chance to be back. Also, I was glad for the opportunity to serve in this way and anticipated that God would teach me a lot. Then I was scared. I wasn’t sure I could lead, and I also knew that if anything went wrong, I would have to take responsibility. I wasn’t sure I was ready for that!

With all those feelings, I boarded the plane to New York. Now, in retrospect, I can say that I am most thankful for the experience of serving as Chief Steward.

It helped having a great group of stewards who were all there to serve God and not to put themselves first. They were also patient with me. I relearned something that I have known and have been taught before: whatever God calls me to do, He equips me to do—not to mention the fact that He also helps me do it. As Paul wrote in Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Would I do it again? Yes!! In fact, I would love to have the chance to do it again and this time be able to train the stewards with experience.

Jenifer (then Hall) and staff worker Lev Leigh were married in December, 1996. They now serve together in our South Africa branch under Chief of Station Eliyah Gould.