From the road,” The Liberated Wailing Wall team leader Garrett Smith reports, “With a blown out tire and ripped out air lines, our ‘immobile’ evangelistic team needed very specific Prevost bus parts to make us mobile again. We prayed and soon heard a knock at the bus door. ‘I know of a Prevost shop nearby,’ said a total stranger. ‘Let me take you there in my truck.’ We ‘happened’ to be a mile away from one of about ten Prevost bus shops in the whole country! Back at the bus we discovered we needed an air gun to remove the tire. As we stared at the tire in dismay, a voice from behind us asked, ‘Do you need an air gun?’ The man proceeded to jack up the bus, remove the tire, then sped off as quickly as he came, refusing to accept any money in thanks.

That same week: a Christian who was out driving with her Jewish friend saw us in a church parking lot. ‘My friend Fran has some questions. Could you come speak to her?’ she asked. I spoke to Fran (who is wheelchair bound) and invited her to our presentation. She came, and that night as we invited people who have not known Jesus to ask Him into their lives as Lord and Savior, Fran raised her hand. Later, as we talked about her decision, she took my hand and smiled, with a tear in her eye. Occasionally I ask myself what I am doing living on a bus for a year and a half—and God answers me with people like Fran!”

From Washington, D.C., outreach worker Victoria Lannon reports, “I’ve seen Michele come full circle since we began meeting a year ago April—God has been drawing her slowly but surely. When it came time for me to leave town for my two-week deputation tour, I told Michele, ‘I just know you’re going to get saved while I’m gone, and I want you to call me when you do!’ A few nights later, she called and left a message with my hosts in Michigan—she had taken her step of faith and committed her life to Christ.”

Missionary David Rothstein reports from Fort Lauderdale, “Jack and I were playing ‘phone tag,’ leaving one another messages on our respective answering machines. Finally, we connected. Jack, a Reform Jew who has been ill with cancer since November of ’95, has recently been studying the Bible. He even attended church a couple of times with a close Christian friend. The morning we finally connected he had just come back from a meeting with a Lubavitch (very strict Orthodox sect) rabbi. Jack said when he asked the rabbi about Jesus, he practically exploded. Unsatisfied with the rabbi’s answers, Jack was ready to talk seriously with a Jew for Jesus. As we spoke on the phone it became obvious that Jack was ready to put his trust in Jesus—and that’s exactly what he did!”

From South Africa, approved student Nici Meyer reports, “Natalie Sachs (who’s volunteered with us) and I have been praying for the Lord to give her opportunities to witness to her family. This week, as I was handing out tracts, I asked two Jewish guys who they thought Jesus was. They apparently thought I would be flustered when they insisted they had never heard about Jesus before, but they soon realized I would not give up that easily. Not long into our conversation, one of them said, ‘My cousin is into this.’ His cousin’s name: Natalie Sachs! Please pray for Daryl and Warren, as they have agreed to receive some literature.

In March we asked you to pray for many Jewish people to come hear our missionaries present Christ in the Passover at churches during their tours. Here is but one of many examples of how God answered that prayer: Bob Mendelsohn was in Georgia and decided to pass out some tracts at the Cherry Blossom Festival. To his surprise, a woman approached asking, “Are you Bob Mendelsohn?” Alisa and her Jewish husband, Barry, had heard Bob on the radio and were interested in attending one of his meetings—but they were in the car at the time, unable to jot down a time or place. Barry and Alisa had planned to be at the festival in the morning rather than afternoon but were delayed. What a divine appointment! They saw Bob handing out tracts, figured there were probably not many Jews for Jesus in the Macon area, and asked where he would be speaking! They came the very same night. Bob had dinner with them afterward and they discussed more about Jesus. Bob met again with Barry later that week and feels that he is very close to faith.