We don’t see all the ways God uses us, but sometimes He gives us a glimpse. Last summer was my third Witnessing Campaign in New York City, and I had a great time. One Saturday night, I was handing out tracts and witnessing in the East Village when a man named Robert introduced himself to me. I had met Robert the previous year, but I would hardly have recognized him. When we first met, he was on drugs and homeless. As I shared the gospel with him, I found he believed in Jesus but had fallen away from God. He prayed with me that summer to rededicate his life to the Lord. I continued to pray for Robert, that God would turn his life around. A year later, there he stood. He informed me that he was in regular fellowship at his old church, was in a drug rehabilitation program, was no longer homeless—and his life has been turned around! I love it when God allows us to see how He is glorifying Himself in the lives of people to whom we’ve ministered.