Some Christian organizations like to describe their evangelistic efforts as crusades,” but we Jews for Jesus can’t use that word. Its origin is obscure enough that most Christians have forgotten, but those early crusades were a religious war against Turks and Jews. The Turks were well able to defend themselves, and eventually, after five crusades, they prevailed. The Jews, however, were comparatively helpless and, as a result, suffered many atrocities at the hands of so-called Christians.

When Christians hear the word crusade, they think of a noble endeavor, while Jews who hear the same word think of atrocities committed against innocent people. That’s one reason we Jews for Jesus call our major witnessing endeavors Campaigns instead of crusades.

Campaign means an all-out effort with singular focus. Campaign has political significance for those who are seeking office. Campaign also has military significance. In that context, it means to make an advance, risking battle and casualties, in order to achieve an objective. Campaign also has a business significance. It is used in an advertising sense, to make a product or idea known through repeated mention, slogans and image raising. The purpose of an advertising campaign is not merely to inform, but to get people to buy a product or accept an idea.

In a sense, a Jews for Jesus Campaign is like all of these. It constitutes an “all-out effort” to make the kingship of Christ known and to invite people to make Him the King and Lord of their lives. We accomplish that by raising high the image of Christ and inviting people to consider Him.