The theme of Camp Gilgal West, 1993 was the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles. The curriculum was designed to teach the children about this harvest holiday and help them to understand how believers are to love the Lord of the Harvest. Here are some comments and articles from individual campers as they appeared in Camp Gilgal’s very own newspaper, The Gilgal Gazette:

When we had Tabernacles at Yosemite on top of Sentinal Dome, we learned about the magnitude of God’s creation. The point was made that God’s work on earth is nothing compared to what He is preparing for us in heaven. Jesus wants us to be ready for when He returns by abiding in Him. I think the song ‘Awesome God’ was put in action.”

—Avi D.

“‘You’re a Peach’ was a play written to teach that campers are not to worry about doing things perfectly but instead to let the Lord help them be a better person.”

—Bethany B.

“In Moose’s teaching on the Fruits of the Spirit, we learned how much God loves us. He shared how deeply he loves his family. Then he told us God loves us even more than that special love we have for our families. God loves us no matter what.”

—Aaron L.

“We learned … that we should build our ‘house’ on the Rock (Jesus). Sand is not a stable surface. We build on the Rock by trusting the Lord and looking carefully at our foundation (Jesus).”

—Rebecca L.

“We know that we need food for our bodies to live. Moose taught us that we need spiritual food to keep our spirit alive. We need to stay close to God.”

—Christin K.

“Before Jesus, the Holy Spirit came upon people like Joshua and Moses to teach them or help them do important things. When Jesus went back to the Father, He put the Holy Spirit in believers. It’s hard to do things right without the Holy Spirit.”

—Pete H.

The Moose That Started Gilgal West

Moose (Dave Garrett) is the camp leader here at Gilgal. He really cares about all the campers and staff. He has worked hard to put together an exciting camp with lots of activities and time to learn more about the Lord.

Moose wants this camp to be the best camp around. He wants everyone to keep coming back for more fun. He says that if the campers are happy, he is happy. His biggest hope is that any campers who came here not knowing Y’shua would leave here knowing Him. Moose wants all the campers to have a personal relationship with God and for them to meet a lot of new friends and, of course, have fun doing it.

—Ya’el C.

Why Did They Come Back?

This is Camp Gilgal’s third year. Seven boys and eight girls at this year’s camp have been here before. Most of the campers have said they had fun and would come back to experience it again.

As always, the camp was a good spiritual experience for all the campers. The returning campers like this camp because of their closeness to God and the learning of His Word.

Some of the campers had comments that were quite surprising. Hani Katz said, “The only reason I liked last year’s camp better was because we had nicer cabins.” Avi “Bearface” Dauermann said, “I think this year is better because of the big pool, the larger cabins, and the horseback riding.” Rebecca Lipkowitz’s comment was, “I think last year’s camp and this year’s are about equal, but I like it that this year we have more field trips.” Will Rosenburg said, “This year was more fun because it’s a different place , but I liked there being fewer campers last year.”

—Benjamin W.

1993 Campers of the Year

At the third annual awards night, the top campers were announced. The event was held at the outdoor amphitheater the last night of camp. The night started with Moose and the tribe counselors bringing each camper forward and presenting them with certificates of achievement. Some got awards for horsemanship, Hebrew, crafts, newspaper writing, personal growth and also growth in the Fruits of the Spirit that we had studied.

When the winning campers were told, Moose said they were ones who had a lot of the seven Fruits of the Spirit. The campers of the year were Rebecca L. of Naphtali, Chrissy L. of Asher, Jordana A. of Zebulun, Tim G. of Ephraim, Aaron L. of Simeon, and Andy L. of Judah.

The awards night ended with everyone drawing a number from Moose’s hat and getting to pick out a prize when it was their turn. The top campers got to go first.

—Andy L.

East or West Camp Gilgal?

Which is better, the East Coast Camp Gilgal or the West? I guess I am the only camper who has attended both and can comment.

The East Coast camp takes place in Pennsylvania and is run by Mr. Bob Mendelsohn. His camp name is “Uncle Bob.” The food was good. We also had mail call, but you had to sing to get your mail.

We rode horses and slept in cabins, except for the one night we slept in a tree house. At the end of the week, we had a banquet where we dressed up and had a fancy meal.

The West Coast Camp Gilgal takes place in California and is run by Mr. David “Moose” Garrett. The food was great. We had mail call but didn’t have to sing for the mail. We got wild applause when we got mail. It was like an awards event.

We also rode horses and slept in tentcabins. We had talent night, sports, Hebrew classes and crafts. We had a 20- foot ice cream sundae. We made our own beaded leather bags. We got to go on a lot of outings.

I liked [she named one, and we’re not saying which] just a tiny bit better. Which one sounds like more fun to you?



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