June 1994 Newsletter (5754:8)

Camp Gilgal West
June 1, 1994
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The theme of Camp Gilgal West, 1993 was the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles. The curriculum was designed to teach the children about this harvest holiday and help them to understand how believers are to love the Lord of the Harvest. Here are some comments and articles from individual campers as they appeared in Camp Gilgal’s…

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Camp Gilgal East

Last summer 40 campers from geographic areas as far-spread as Michigan, Florida, Louisiana and New York came to eastern Pennsylvania to experience Camp Gilgal East. It was the third year for this Jews for Jesus venture of faith and adventure of ministry. The children, ages eight through thirteen, were third through eighth graders. They came…

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Help Jewish Believers Fit into Your Church
Author: Stan Meyer

“When you win Jewish people to Christ, where do they worship?” I frequently hear this question as I speak in churches. My answer is, “You will find Jewish believers in Jesus in every segment and fellowship that loves the Lord and loves the Jewish people because of Him. You usually will not find us in…

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In Cuba, Too

“In a few minutes we will be landing at the Jose Marti International Airport at Havana.” Even hearing that announcement, it was still hard to believe that I was going there. Of the many places I have imagined visiting, I never thought of Cuba, so I was surprised when Moishe Rosen asked me to go…

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Author: Moishe Rosen

As followers of Y’shua (Jesus), we acknowledge our dependence on God. Yet it’s all too human to prize independence. This need for independence affects countries and institutions as well as individuals. For example, in the United States we call our national holiday Independence Day rather than Founder’s Day or Constitution Day. We often find autonomy…

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Jews for Jesus: the Next Generation

“We have no cause to worry about the Jews for Jesus and other groups like them. They are not self-perpetuating. There may be a fairly large group of them now, but the movement will die out with the present generation.” So commented a prominent American rabbi regarding the future impact of Jewish Christians within the…

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Kids for the Kingdom

Jews for Jesus views itself as one of the vanguard ministries for the Lord. Though by 1988 we were fifteen years old as a ministry, that was a pioneer time for us. Until then, there had been no seminary-level school that featured a master’s degree in Jewish evangelism. During the summer of 1988, Fuller School…

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Yeshua Loves the Little Children
Author: Rob Wertheim

Jews for Jesus does not minister to anyone under the age of eighteen without parental consent because we must respect parental rights. However, we do have various programs for children. One is in conjunction with our Ingatherings. Every year we conduct a number of these large regional retreats throughout the United States where we minister…

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