Recently in New York we have seen many Jewish people come to the Lord. As usual, with success came adversity. We had a conflict with the Jewish community over our Russian fellowship meeting. A group of angry protestors tried to crash the gate so they could turn our meeting into chaos. We were celebrating Purim, and just as God stopped Haman from physically obliterating the Jews long ago, that night God stopped those who wanted to obliterate our spiritual impact. To say that everything worked out well is an understatement. Not only did the Lord spoil the attacks of the enemy, but people made decisions for Yeshua that night!

I had the opportunity to pray with Yan, the first teen in our Russian youth group to get saved. Yan is 16 and ready to tell people that he has found the Messiah. I met with him at his house about a week after he accepted the Lord and also talked with his parents and cousin, who were very open to the gospel. Yan told me he had tried to tell his friends at school that he had given his life to Jesus but they had not wanted to listen. That had not stopped him. He had arranged this meeting with his parents and had made sure his cousin would be there, too. When I picked Yan up for the Russian meeting in Brooklyn he said he couldn’t wait to study the Bible that night.*

I have also had the privilege of being involved with Stephen, a new Jewish believer. Stephen received the Lord recently and has become quite a bird dog”—so much so that at our weekly visit he told me about the Weiskophs, an elderly Jewish couple to whom he had been witnessing. He wanted me to come with him, meet them, and talk to them about the Lord. Stephen had been doing a good job with them already, and on our second visit together they prayed to commit their lives to the Messiah. Afterwards, when we were in the hall waiting for the elevator, Stephen said that he had never experienced a greater “high” than he did when he witnessed to Jewish people. All I could say was, “Praise the Lord!”

What a joy it is to watch these new believers grow in their faith and become good seed planted in fertile soil.

*Note: Teenagers are allowed to attend our meetings only with parental consent.


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